Chronicles of the Nocturnal Forest (Stories of the fairy of my dreams #1)

Chronicles of the Nocturnal Forest (Stories of the fairy of my dreams #1) is the first book of a series of three. It is a fairy tale about a family’s adventures that involves magic, love and science through time and space.

#1 Chronicles of the Nocturnal Forest (2014)


Melanie is living an ordinary, boring life when one night she is transported in her dreams to the Kingdom of Astebeth. Night after night, the fairy of her dreams will tell her the stories of the inhabitants of the Kingdom, its town, and the magical Nocturnal Forest nearby. A forest full of magical creatures where the impossible can happen. Soon, she comes to suspect that her dreams may not only be dreams after all. Follow her on her incredible journeys that will take her to magical places and beyond Earth itself to discover the magical secret of the Nocturnal Forest in the first part of The Fairy of my Dreams trilogy.

#2 The diary of Amanda (TBA)

#3 Return to Astebeth (TBA)

I started writing when I was 10 years old and have more than 120 pieces written of fairy tales, fiction stories, thoughts and stories based on real characters.

I always wanted to publish my stories but never found the confidence to do it. After my son was born, I found in him the incentive that I needed, and with my best friend and my husband’s support I started putting some of my stories together to create this book.

Getting this book published was a big dream come true, and after this I hope I can continue with the rest of the series.

You can learn more about the book and myself on my facebook, twitter and goodreads accounts.

You can also read a sneak peak of the prologue and first chapter of the book under My Writing Session on My Goodreads Profile.



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