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Today I read an article that basically said we are unable to be happy due to all the unreal ideas that fairy tales put in our mind when we are kids, and that when we realize that our life won’t be perfect as they told us, we will be depressed and blame ourselves.

I thought about posting a comment on that article, but I also thought that it would create an unnecessary discussion, with someone that probably will not understand me.

I write and read fairy tales since I can remember, and first of all, fairy tales are not just about a princess finding her prince charming and living happily ever after.

Fairy tales are about magic, new and undiscovered worlds, dragons, knights, goblins, and fairies! Yes, there is usually a love story in the middle of all that chaos and treasure hunting, but fairy tales are about fantasy, otherwise they should be called Princesses-searching-for-love tales.

When I read a fairy tale it makes my mind fly away, I leave reality behind and I search and explore next to the characters of the books, I learn new powers and spells, I fight the enemy and rescue my friends from witches. I learn new languages and meet creatures that I didn’t know they existed.

If we wouldn’t believe in fairy tales we wouldn’t have any innocence left.

Saying that we are unable to be happy because we read fairy tales is so far from reality. I think that I would be a lot less happy if I wouldn’t have a place to go when I need to disconnect from the real world. That place are my books, and what a better place than a magical land?

We don’t idealize a romantic life because of Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, every girl (and boy) in the world wants to find that perfect person for them. If fairy tales wouldn’t exist, we would still have romantic movies and books, without a princess. What would we do then? Tell people to not watch those movies because a billionaire would never fall for the maid?

Crazy and romantic love stories happen. Probably without 12 dwarves involved, but they happen, they happen to normal people everyday, everywhere.

I will continue reading fairy tales until I can no longer see the words, and I will encourage my son and my future children to do it too. Because fantasy is what makes the world a beautiful place to live despite everything.



  1. cjmoseley says:

    I think the only thing that I would add is that the original fairy-tales are so dark that they are closer to Horror than Fantasy. For some reason people think that children should read ‘nice’ stories, when five minutes with any normal child (and I include my own two in this who are both polite, smart, kids) will reveal that they are so twisted that it’s a wonder we let them grow up at all…

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