A Women’s Handbook to a Successful Relationship

the Business of Love

The Business of Love is a handbook to help women succeed in their relationships and provide an indepth look at a woman’s readiness to commit to a healthy and rewarding relationship. As in business, certain strategies, behaviors and styles of resolving challenges will determine if one will succeed or fail.

The Business of Love will enable you to look beyond the realms of romance and fantasy to explore the truths that lies within you… “Am I really ready to be in a committed relationship?” “Is this a venture that I am not ready to commit to?” “Should I wait?”

With this book, you will be inspired and empowered to know what you are really made of inside, and how you will impact your significant other. Seth Francois is a specialist in conflict resolution, group dynamics, and building trust. Seth believes if a person releases their negative ideals and perceptions, along with personal let downs, people can gain opportunity to establish successful relationships.

Concentrating on identifying significant events in our past that trigger emotional responses in our current relationships is paramount. He believes his debut The Business of Love will play a pivotal role in building a successful relationship that is solid through self-exploration, and awareness.

The author has had a long term commitment to building productive relationships helping people meet their maximum potential. He has excelled at creating valuable relationships in the work environment and has received a number of awards and honorable mentions. The Business of Love applies those successful concepts to help women increase understanding of self and understanding of how men view relationships.


About the Author

Seth Francois

Seth Francois was born on March 23, 1964 in Loma Linda, California. His parents, James R. Francois and Fabiola Francois, moved to Compton, CA six months later, where Seth was raised. Seth attended Our Lady of Victory Elementary in Compton, Saint Anthony’s High, and later decided he wanted to attend a public school and elected to attend Compton High. During his youth, Seth had a strong sense of community and started several community outreach opportunities and involved himself with organizations such as the local YMCA, where he landed his first job as an Associate Program Director at the age of 15. He later was offered an administrative intern position with the City Managers Office, City of Compton, where had had the opportunity to work on a city’s task force to assess various department with the city, such as code enforcement, housing, and public works. Seth was accepted into a special program that allowed high school students to attend college and earn college credit. Seth attended high school in the day and Compton Community College at night. Upon graduating from high school, Seth’s Principal Leatrice Jones helped him secretly submit an application to Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. Seth attended Morehouse and while attending was offered a job with the police department where he created “The Student Patrol Program”, assisting the police with escorting students from campus to campus, securing campus events, responding to cold call crime reports and making nightly patrols. Seth also started a chapter of the Jaycees on the Morehouse campus. Later, Seth was provided with an opportunity to return home and accept a job with the City of Compton. Seth worked in the city and later graduated from South Bay Police Reserves Academy in 1989. Seth then accepted a job with Dalton Property Management Company and performed human resource and construction management tasks. He changed directions when he met Joi Worsham, whom he married in September, 1989. During his 25 year-marriage, Seth worked at the UCLA Police Department as a security supervisor, ARC Mid-Cities as the gifts and endowments director, United States Postal Service in management, and then moved to support labor as a regional director, negotiator, union representative, and communications manager with various labor unions. Seth also participated in local activist activities.

Seth holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Management, Masters of Arts in Human Resources, and is currently working to complete a Doctorate in Business with a Specialization in Leadership. Seth is a licensed real estate agent in the state of California.

Seth has received several mentions in his career: Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee Award and Commendation from the University of California Police Chiefs for outstanding service. Seth has also been recognized by local organization for his community service. He currently serves on the board of Citizens Acting Collectively, Inc.

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