Mastering Tung Acupuncture – Distal Imaging for Fast Pain Relief by Brad Whisnant, Deborah Bleecker

tung acupunture

Take away the guess work Eliminate the complexity Want to know what works? Our Master Tung book about images, Mirrors and relationships was NOT only written to help explain these concepts, it was written to help you choose the BEST image in your clinic.
No longer will it take 50,000 patients and 10 years to “figure out” what works “best”. This book has done this for you. Honest, open, factual and clinically effective based Acupuncture tips for the 21st century The first of kind written not by a scholar, but a practitioner who treats 110 patients per week. The first of its kind to tell what ideas work best, TODAY, in a Western patient based clinic. The first of its kind based on getting RESULTS Use this book and watch your clinical success skyrocket.
Improved results, happier patients, a busier office, and finally UNDERSTANDING the “what” the “why” and “which one should I use.”

Some of the topics you can find in this book:

Why does imaging and mirroring work?
Imaging and Mirroring Techniques
Secrets to Success
Where does distal acupuncture fall short?
Achilles tendon pain
Bulging disc, back pain and pinched nerve
Can you combine Tung with TCM?
Dysmenorrhea treatment
How to treat your own hip pain
Mixing Chinese and Japanese, is that setting up for failure?
Parkinson’s treatment
Post herpetic neuralgia
Restless leg syndrome
Acupuncture Meridian Images
Imaging Tables
Tung Acupuncture Point Illustrations
Anatomy references – muscles and bones


“This book is PERFECT if you use the Balance Method, Master Tung’s, or any other distal acupuncture technique. It breaks down how to quickly and efficiently use mirroring and imaging which is especially helpful if you are treating pain and your patient wants the pain gone right then and there! This book is easy to read and the techniques are even easier to learn!” by Donna Chow

“Great read for someone opening up or updating the concepts of Tung Acupuncture. My visual and mental mind got me thinking on different level as I went thru the book, coming from a western medicine background. I know its not for everyone but have passed it on to a colleague so we can converse as well.” by Jason Leadley

“Great read, simple to understand – I appreciate the level of detail of graphics. Love that this came from the voice of a practitioner and not a stuffy scholar. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!” by MsMarina

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About the authors

Brad Whisnant

Brad is a native Oregonian, who’s spent his entire life helping others. He served four years in the US Marines and then graduated from Portland State University and began a career of helping others in many different aspects.
At the age of 34 he knew he wanted to pursue a childhood goal of practicing medicine. So he enrolled in the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and graduated in 2007 with a Masters degree in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture.
Then in 2011 he graduated from the Emperors College in California with a Doctorate degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Less than 3% of all acupuncturists have a “doctorate” in America.  Currently he is the only Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Columbia County.

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Deborah Bleecker

Due to a repetitive stress injury that she suffered in 1995, and after receiving treatments from many doctors without results, she decided to look for help in Chinese medicine.
She is now pain free and strongly believes that There is no reason to suffer: “Chronic pain has a cause. You did not just magically have pain with no underlying reason. Your body will heal itself. It just needs a little help. With the right help, you can completely recover your health.”
She’ve been treating patients for 17 years. There are a lot of options. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are her main modality, but she also does extensive research on all natural remedies. She studies constantly to learn as much as she can to help people to get better.
She went to acupuncture school in Austin, Texas and has currently two published books: “Insomnia Relief” containing dozens of remedies to help you sleep better; and “Back Pain” As an acupuncturist, Deborah have successfully treated back pain for years and in this book she is sharing her experience with natural remedies.

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