The Haunted House Fourth Edition (Ghost Hunters Book 1)

The Haunted House

The original edition of the the runaway, bestselling children’s book on the Apple bookstore is now on Kindle as well as available to print on demand! A lighthearted story about a haunted house, including practical tips your kids can use if they think there’s a ghost in their house. Great not only for the seasons surrounding Halloween, but for the whole year. The second to last chapter is called “The Kids Save the Day”, and what kid wouldn’t like that? If you’re deciding if this story is appropriate for your children, it’s about as scary as the Magic Treehouse series with Jack and Annie, and has a similar “danger level”… but with more supportive parents. Reading level and word-count is similar to the Magic Treehouse, Junie B. Jones, or Jigsaw Jones stories, which makes it great for young kids learning to read, but adults will also enjoy reading it to their kids.

BUY IT HERE It will be FREE Until October 26th!!!!


“This book has suspense and great character building, and makes the reader hope for more sequels with the fun and relatable kids! I can imagine it would be the perfect book for children to read aloud to their parents… It will entertain both age groups!” by Bailly Morse

“A kid’s book that encourages children to make wise decisions and shows adults as supportive! Well done! It’s nice to read book that encourages the children to grow and also reminds them that the adults in their life are there for a reason also. Clever and fun with a good dose of creepy!” by Mark Modzeleweski



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