The Horizon of a New Dawn: Story of an ordinary man with an extraordinary dream for war-torn land Afghanistan

Horizon of a new dawn

A young man, Barkhia, was born in a remote village in Afghanistan. As a young adult, he realized if he educated the children of Afghanistan, he soon would create a peaceful revolution to bring a change in the country.
Barkhia is committed to his dream even though it seems humanly impossible. He believes the power of the “3 C’s” is the answer to any hardship in life. He believes that education can help transform Afghanistan into a land of prosperity. He has tested out his ideas in the classroom. Now, he is prepared to spread his message to the people. When Barkhia is consumed with a wondrous vision for peace, he feels committed to share his dreams. Despite the threats to his organization, he works consistently to spread his message and gain followers. With each new success, he and his friends gain confidence in their organization. They are able to convince the majority of the citizens that peace is the only way.
We wrote The Horizon of a New Dawn to demonstrate the power of reason. We cannot let ourselves be limited by our circumstances. If Barkhia’s idea can work for a land ravaged by war, it can work anywhere. This simple lesson is a powerful force to change the world.
These basic principles, commitment, consistency, and confidence are the building blocks for change. This is a fundamental lesson for young people and people who think they cannot overcome their obstacles in life. The Horizon of a New Dawn can show readers how to put these ideas into action.


“I found the book to be an inspiring tale about a young man who overcomes the difficult obstacles of his time. I recommend this book to anyone looking for an inspiring story or interesting insights about true Islamic and Pashtun ideology and culture.” by D Smith

” Horizon of a New Dawn is a true tale of how one should let go of the control vengeance takes on yourself and how it is when you release this control that you are able to forgive your enemies and choose a peaceful life.” by Angela L Sanders

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