The Outrider Legion

The Outrider Legion

All that stands between the Dominion of Tethis and it’s enemies are the Legions. Each is dedicated to combating enemies that surround the Dominion. And inside Tethis’ borders itself the Outrider Legion keeps a constant vigil. A combination of watchmen, ranger, and soldier, Outriders patrol the roads and dark places within the Dominion, keeping safe its citizens from threats that elude the other Legions.

It falls on one of these Outrider units to undertake a clandestine mission to recover a stolen artifact from a neighboring state. However, not all is as it seems. There are many players in this game, and the Outriders find themselves beset with rivals. They will need all of their wits and skills to survive against renegades, monsters, and sorcerers.

Warding off one treacherous attack after another, soldiers from the Outrider Legion doggedly pursue the group of outlaws. As they track down the thieves and their mysterious treasure it becomes apparent that there are other forces involved in the pursuit, others not above using murder and black magic to get what they want. One of them is the Akvan, a centuries-old sorcerer and the terror of the entire continent. His involvement in the affair is unknown, but his appearance can only indicate some grand, diabolical strategy at work. But there is another shadowy figure in play who may be the prime mover, orchestrating treason within the Legion from afar…


“Top Notch Sword and Sorcery book!! A fantastic grouping of characters that you get to know and not card board stereotypes so oft Found these days in Fantasy books. Raises lots of questions that beg to be answered in further books! Write more of these Christopher as I cannot wait to read more!” by Frederick A. Squier

” I thought the book was outstanding. It was well done, entertaining while at the same time creating an interesting world and characters. For a first book I was really impressed with the setting, character development and plot while holding my attention to the story. My only complaint is now I will have to wait for the continuation. Hope Mr. Pepper is working hard on it!” by Wally Thomas


About the Author

Christopher Pepper

Christopher Pepper is an avid reader of books, watcher of movies, and teller of stories (most of them still in his head). The works of J.R.R. Tolkein and Piers Anthony were his gateway into the realm of Fantasy literature, inspiring him to create his own worlds. He’s a fan of the New York Jets (which explains his sunny disposition), any and all RPG’s, and has been a lifelong adherent to Mystery Science Theater 3000. Christopher also holds a B.A. in English Literature and an M.A. in English Education.

He currently lives in Upstate New York with his wife Mckenzie, a large dog who thinks she’s small, and a very fat cat who thinks he’s agile.



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