Life Lessons from Nature: Motivational Speaker, Military Strategist, Political Advisor, Scientist & Engineer, Foster Parent

Life Lessons from Nature

Mother Nature has given us tremendous inspirations since the advent of man. Philosophers, writers, intellectuals, scholars, scientists and religious leaders always have a very special relationship with nature, that of profound discoveries and realizations. The author realizes that Mother Nature can tell us even more things if you care to know the hidden messages. Other than thought provoking metaphors for personal motivation, Mother Nature is now becoming the source of our technological and scientific innovation. Not only that, if you pay close attention, you can learn many great military and political strategies from nature!


A JEWEL! “Life Lessons from Nature” has touched and effected me profoundly. I just passed it to my 15-year old daughter as a must read. In my opinion, it should be made mandatory at schools and colleges. Exploring the laws of Nature and giving us vivid and easy to comprehend examples, Elvis Newman, who is a masterful teacher and humanitarian, leads us to a different kind of understanding and awareness of how to treat our Mother Earth with love and care, or else we may not have a tomorrow.” by Julia Butler

What an amazing book this is without a doubt! I have never read a book that caught my attention so much that I would have the urge to read it again and again. At first, I must confess that I was somewhat hesitating to buy it, but my reading the reviews really got me thinking that there must be something extraordinary about this book and thus I decided to order it. I read a review on this book, saying that it has changed the way I see things, well, I couldn’t agree with him more! ” by Katte Michelle

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About the Author

Elvis Newman is a highly sought after motivational and futurist writer. He has written thought-provoking books for those of us who have chosen to be on our life path, who have cared about the latest trends in technology, society, and the world. He is known for his lively and conversational way of presenting abstract concepts in the fields of science, business, and sociology to lay audiences. He hopes that this book will help you become the best version of yourself.



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