Winging It in Hollywood: An adventure out West…

Winging It in Hollywood

The true account of a progressive actor, who travels to Hollywood to chase his career. He stays all over Los Angeles during a three month period and encounters sexual molestation, mistaking Cocaine for something stronger, a feature film shoot in a casino and living on a three bedroom boat for six weeks for free! Along with breaking a girls heart, wooing another, while repeatedly feeling alone and frustrated. Some nights were dangerous, some just downright fun and others strangely obscure. My tale is all about the delights and oddities of Los Angeles, California from the perspective of an adventurous Actor looking for his Hollywood break.


“As it written ‘winging it’. The Author had it all before stepping in Hollywood. This amazing, truly adventurous memoir is more like a movie script but unfortunately was not. I liked his way of illustration with a true heart and feel sorry for what he had endured. Well written.” by Olivia

“I really enjoyed reading this book – the writing is smooth, allowing the reader to become immersed in the story with none of the jolts caused by a clumsy or incorrect turn of phrase, and there was always something happening to make you want to turn the page … just one more chapter …!” by BerylMcM


About the Author

Benjamin Coakley

I am an Artist who has acted in film in North America, Europe and Asia but am based in London, UK. My days are spent either writing plays, devising comedy or acting in various film productions. I have a strong desire for writing obscure fiction of the funny variety but on my first attempt, it was a wild travelogue of California during my first visit there in 2013/14. For information on my performance history and independent film work so far, simply Google my name…thanks guys!




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