Get Hired!: Recession-Proof Strategies for Finding a Job Now

Get Hired

Get Hired! Recession-Proof Strategies for Finding a Job Now is a step-by-step guide to building a recession-proof strategy for finding a job now. Using the innovative 360° Job Search method to source hidden jobs and get inside information on recruitment trends, Get Hired! shows you how to effectively structure your job search so that you’re not bogged down in the same swamped pool as everyone else. Packed with smart job search strategies for the career-minded professional, Get Hired! guides job seekers in planning and executing a short, medium and long-term job search strategy robust enough to withstand the present and future labour market. You will learn how to:

• Develop a strategy for finding a job in country
• Look for the heads up on new job openings and apply before anyone else
• Use inside intelligence to set you apart from the competition
• Find the best sources of up-to-date labour market information
• Get ahead of the pack through more preparation and less perspiration

Written in a readable and practical style with real-life case studies, infographics and checklists, each chapter ends with an action plan that readers can implement now. Whether you’re a recent graduate, in mid-career or an experienced professional, Get Hired! is an essential tool in any job seeker’s arsenal. Its recession-proof strategies will stand the test of time and be a standard reference for the savvy job seeker. Get strategic. Get hired!


About the Author

Sylvia Arthur

Sylvia Arthur was a communications consultant to the European Commission’s EURES service for four years (2010-2014). During that time, she travelled across Europe advising government departments and agencies involved in employment and job creation on communicating the benefits of free movement to their citizens. She is the director of Gordon Square Communications, a corporate communications agency specialising in strategy, internal communications and organisational development. A former journalist turned writer, she holds an MA in Narrative Non-Fiction Writing.





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