Eat Like Eve: Irresistible Recipes for Nude Food… Gluten Free! Dairy Free & Vegan! Live FUN Raw Foodstuff!


A perfect gift for anyone you LOVE who’s curious about eating healthier, BUT doesn’t want to be hit on the head with a lecture. It’s about FUN (& yummy) learning!

In Eat Like Eve, Cherry Capri, America’s Queen of Modernism, Manners and Mirth, shares her secrets for staying happy and healthy. She maintains that Eve in the Garden of Eden must have looked pretty darn good. This is because she was eating raw plant-based cuisine, composed of uncooked organic fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, greens and vegetables.

This quirky funny raw food diet un-cookbook also contains 88 quick delicious recipes based on living food principles and lifestyle. The recipes are vegan, lactose-free, dairy free, gluten free, and made from family friendly, natural ingredients. The simple, yet creative dishes are made from quality whole foods. They range from breakfast granola bars to lunch time Chinese chicken ‘chicky’ salad dressing and smoky split pea soup, to suppertime with raw tomato marinara sauce and onion bread. And no meal would be complete without alcohol-free mojitos, delightful dairy-free deserts of macaroons and RAWket chocolate pudding and pie!

The book provides easy-to-understand background on why raw foods matter. Cherry explains basics, equipment, ingredients, and even a bit of personal philosophy behind meat-free culinary choice. For ten years, Cherry Capri has written a “Dear Cherry” advice column for Mid Century Modern fans. Her column combines swanky style and healthy homemaking with hip hosting tips. So in quintessential Cherry style, this cookbook is filled with fabulous fun fifties illustrations! AND the AUDIBLE AUDIO BOOK is loaded with Esquivel-inspired SOUND SURPRISES!

Eat Like Eve makes an essential gift for someone you care about. The text takes a non-judgmental, light-hearted approach and will appeal to anyone who is health-curious, or interested in inner beauty, longevity or weight loss. Unprocessed unrefined snacks are tasty enough to satisfy even hard core omnivores. They are accompanied with clear list of ingredients, short fast instructions and color photographs for every dish – with time-saving tips and techniques.

Why wouldn’t you want to Eat Live Eve?

Full Color Collectible Edition!
Affordable Black & White

About the Author


Cherry Capri is a quirky red haired performance artist and pop cult celebrity. She is YOUR eccentric Auntie Mame whose world is full of vintage style with bossa nova and surf music, retro futurism and Rat Pack era shenanigans. Cherry is known for her outrageous recycled pink polyester pantsuits.

For the past ten years, Cherry has written a “Dear Cherry” advice column for CA Modern Magazine and formerly for Bachelor Pad Magazine and Tiki Magazine. Her column focuses on healthy homemaking and hosting, eco-friendly decorating along with Modern manners. Remember to request her weekly “Dear Cherry” radio drop-in shows from Public Radio Exchange! As a performer, Cherry has headlined three Mondo Lounge shows and the Mondo Tiki event at the Hard Rock Hotel. She has performed at tiki clubs across the country.

Cherry is also a sculptor and painter who’s exhibited in Hollywood, Las Vegas, Palm Springs and San Francisco in one women shows and alongside Shag and other luminaries of the Southern California Pop Surrealist scene. Always known to pay respect to her elders, the cover of her collectible album “Creamy Cocktails & Other Delights” featured a fun homage to the classic “Whipped Cream” album by Herb Alpert.

Finally, Cherry Capri was once crowned QUEEN of the famous Pasadena Doo Dah Parade! So is it any wonder that Cherry Capri is known as America’s Mistress of Modernism and Mirth!? It is her mission in life to spread the joy of Mid-Mod Living combined with a hip healthy attitude!





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