Zigi the Alien and the Laughter Journey – Spotlight and Review


Hiccup! Here we go again! That’s the sound of a little alien when he laughs too hard! The fun-loving and friendly Zigi zooms down to Earth once again, this time in search of laughter. Journey along as Zigi heads across town and finds tons of laughs and giggles…humans sure are hilarious! But, what happens when he sees the funniest thing of all and laughs so hard he can’t stop hiccuping?

Early readers who love fantasy and adventure stories will laugh out loud along with this cute little extraterrestrial as they strengthen reading skills. Who knows, maybe you’ll hear Zigi’s laughter and hiccups while you read! The colorful illustrations and detailed descriptions will captivate children and adults alike. “Zigi’s Laughter Journey” is book 3 in the charming and imaginative “Zigi the Alien” series.

This tale is a quick and fun read-aloud bedtime story for kids, friends and family to enjoy together!


I’ve read many books by Nirit, including some of the Zigi’s series and I must say that “Zigi the Alien and the Laughter Journey” is just as good as the others!

My two-year-old son loved the illustrations and the story. It’s very well written and age appropriate for young children.

We always love to read about Zigi’s adventures, they are fun and entertaining and are always a very welcomed read before bedtime.

As always, the book comes with a free gift to print and play with your child while you remember and talk about his adventures on our Earth.

I recommend this book to parents and teachers of young children, I assure you that they will have a great time reading or listening to the story.


It’s FREE Today!!!



Nirit Littaney is a fresh, imaginative author who weaves vivid images and important life lessons into endearing stories for children. After being confined to her bed for years by an incurable illness, Nirit experienced the same triumph of spirit that many of her characters undergo in their journeys through lands near and far.

Nirit’s commitment to personal and physical healing, along with her story-like travels around the world, have inspired her to pen inventive tales for families in search of humorous, insightful bedtime stories. She writes for children in hopes of making them giggle while they also learn a lesson or two.

Today, Nirit lives in Israel with her angel of a husband, who champions each of her new books as if he were the wide-eyed child she wrote them for. When Nirit isn’t dreaming up new characters, she works as a nutritionist, medical coach, and spiritual leader. She is eager to inspire and help others with the lessons her own challenges have taught her–and what better way is there than through books?

To inspire your children while filling their minds with creativity, check out Nirit’s latest books, “Candy’s Chocolate Kingdom”, “Zigi the alien and the stinky socks”, “Zoe’s trip to the Zoo”, “Fatty Betty”, “Bart! Stop the Farts!”, “Fairy’s Fairy tale Kingdom”, “Bad Boy Bradley” and “Dave the Brave Sawfish”.




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