Darwin’s Delusion: A Great “Scientific” Joke – Spotlight


The Darwinian Theory of Evolution is one of the most contentious scientific theories in the human history. This book contains 38 essays, in which the author reveals absurdity of the theory, and so-called supportive evidences even not relevant.

Titles of several articles:

What Wrong Assumptions Darwin Made?
Common Mistakes Neo-Darwinians Make
No Prehistory Rabbit: Evidence for “Creationism”
Why is the Neo-Darwinian Theory a Pseudoscience?



Author Jianyi Zhang has done the exceptional research on the Darwin’s theory and it’s implications. I absolutely agree theory does change over time and nature changes itself over time. Awesome writing! Enjoyed all page line by line,Thank you!” by Bina

Excellent logic and technical arguments to support. Great read for anyone that has ever had trouble with the logic of evolution and desired a good scientific understanding of why it is false. ” by Shane

Darwin’s Delusion is an excellent book that takes a sober, academic look at Darwinism. It points out that the theory is less science and more pseudoscience. It delves deep into the theory of evolution and points out the hypocrisies of it. Further, it expands on the harmful effects the theory has had on science and our understanding of how we came to be. ” by Prem


Jianyi Zhang is an amateur biologist, and a physician in private practice.



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