Journey Through The Hidden – Spotlight



A college student with grave, mental struggles, Via finds herself abruptly hitting rock-bottom. Jumping from a woodland bridge, an unusual story unfolds, but did she succeed in her act of suicide?

Her journey through 1800’s France, encounters with influential figures such as van Gogh, and a festive adventure with the bearded man himself, may at last reveal the key to life itself.

This compelling tale is inspired from the author’s real experiences, with both aims of raising awareness and understanding of mental illness, and encouraging all beings of finding answers to their own path.

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“I truly loved reading this book. Both the adults that we are and the children that we were can identify with both the fantastical and also realistic elements offered to us within each chapter. The book also opens our eyes to how overwhelming and powerful mental health problems can affect the behaviours and views of a person suffering from mental illnesses, which is explored through the narrator. It made me laugh and cry throughout. This author really has a special skill by evoking such intense emotions from a reader. It’s exciting, funny, heart-breaking and heart-warming. The author has presented us with a very serious understanding of self-worth and how we sometimes diminish what we do and who we are because of the influences of our own mind, and shows us how to overcome it. I think that the author has created a wonderful story, and I really appreciate what the author has shared with me. Buy this, it’s amazing!” by Amazon Customer



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