Cherry Blossom Ball (House of Alternatives #1) by Erika Jayne


Vampyre Hunter – Dayamanti Karriea and Half Fae – Freya Mackenzie have one thing in common – neither of them fit in in the supernatural world.

As the annual Cherry Blossom Ball approaches, each of them receives an invite that fills them with dread. All guests from the supernatural educational system, nicknamed the House of Alternatives -have been chosen by the highest power and once they accept the black and gold envelope they have no choice but to attend.

The reluctant women arrive at the ball and find it just as the imagined, until a murder is committed. Shock ripples through the ball, as Dayamanti and Freya are surprised by the Supernatural Councils apparent lack of interest in the crime, they become determined to find out who committed the murder and if will they strike again.

One thing you can be certain of – this year, it will be murder on the dance floor.




Erika Jayne’s debut novel takes place in the United Kingdom, mainly London, Bath and Inverness. Injecting British humour and strong female characters into the fantasy genre – ‘Cherry Blossom Ball’ is a must-read for those who like their literary women to be feisty and have a bit of an attitude.

When asked why she decided to create such strong female characters Erika said, “There aren’t enough around. I love a book where the female is there for a reason and not just there to be the love interest. Also I think people forget how strong us women actually are.”

The novel is described as “Drawing on a lifelong enthusiasm for the vampyre genre, Erika has a solid basis for creating new and exciting plots. Her determination to set herself apart from most vampyre and supernatural fiction is clear throughout her novel. Long gone are the loving and attractive Vampyre’s, instead all these Vampyres want is your blood.

“There are clear themes of honour and responsibility and hope and despair. Erika’s ability to create instantly relatable characters makes this debut novel a gripping read.”



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