Chess: From Beginning to Advanced at Warp Speed Volume 1


Chess: From Beginner to Advanced at Warp Speed will help beginning chess players improve rapidly by using the training system I developed over many years studying and playing chess in tournaments and teaching to players of all ages and levels.

Chess is a beautiful game that combines science and art like no other game of strategy on the planet. In addition to being incredibly fun and interesting, chess has many cognitive and other benefits such as improving memory, increasing calculation ability, enhancing creativity, extending attention span and focus and much more.

Read Chess: From Beginner to Advanced at Warp Speed and become a strong chess player in the shortest amount of time possible.



Chess has been, for centuries, one of the most important games all over the world due to the application of several cognitive abilities when playing, such as reason, logic, creativity and many more. It is no wonder that it has been and still is immensely popular.

Once you learn the basics of chess, gameplay is fairly easy, but moving on to expert level usually takes several years to accomplish. However, there are fortunately some well-known and not-so-well-known shortcuts that we can take along the way. Greg Vanderford’s book “Chess: From Beginning to Advanced at Warp Speed (Volume 1)” provides several of these shortcuts.

The book is an impressive collection of techniques that can be applied in an organized training system that the author has developed through several years of playing, analyzing and teaching chess. It will take you through the most important aspects of advanced playing, from when to capture and when to not capture an opponent’s piece, through strategies for openings, defense, double attacks, trapping pieces, and different types of checkmates.

A great guide for reaching the next level of your chess skills.



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