Brooklyn’s Song by Sydney Arrison


Brooklyn Pierce has just witnessed an attempted assassination, and Detective Song Kai and his partner, Detective Mattice Blake, are on the case.But as the story progresses, sparks begin to develop between Brooklyn and Song, providing the reader with a storyline overflowing with sensuality, compassion and romance amidst the onset of drama, tension, suspicion, deception and murder and an explosive ending, which you will never see coming.

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“Excellent storyline, the characters were developed nicely. A major plus for me was not only the style of writing but it had no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.
This was my first book by this author and I am thoroughly impressed.” Kindle Customer Amazon UK

“Everything you want in a good mystery romance story.This was such a good story to sink your teeth into and just simply enjoy.The well fleshed characters were people you could actually know and like.” Kindle Customer

“Very funny and edge of your seat at the same time.Loved the HEA.” Kindle Customer

“I Loved It. Well written. Great character development. Not predictable. Loved the storyline.” Zee Nicholson



Sydney Arrison is an award-winning, multi-genre, bestselling author. While a freshman in college her English professor encouraged her to pursue writing as a career. She was a reporter for the independent press and is currently working on her third novel. Her follow- up to “My Heart In Seoul,” “Meet Me Under The Lavender Sky” was released in the fall of 2014. Her latest book “Brooklyn’s Song” was released in the fall of 2015.

The author states “the world I live in is diverse and inclusive and I would like that reflected in my writing. In my perspective there are no limitations when it comes to love and relationships.”

Sydney loves to hike, bike and play badminton when she isn’t writing. She resides in New York with her husband and two children.



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