From My Heart and Rage to Yours: Poems From Love and Pain


Love is a universal trait, something everyone will experience in his or her lifetime, and something that has been the provenance and fuel of artists since time began.

“From My Heart and Rage to Yours” is a collection of poems and a love story, albeit it’s ending. The loss of love, the trauma of breakups are as significant to the human narrative as are beginnings, and far more realistic -and interesting- than the fairy tale story of happily ever after.

Dannie Grandison’s collection of authentic and heartfelt poems has already received praise from early readers: “If you ever felt like you wanted to vent after a break-up or if you feel like you need to reflect on the relationship what you thought it was, what it turned out to be and the miles between the two, look no further this is the book for you….” JB MIAMI

The book of poems is the first from author Dannie Grandison. Dannie is not only a poet and author, she’s also a therapist and a life enhancement specialist that believes life is a learning experience. Her poems are a form of therapy that she shares with others.

She is Jamaica-born although she now resides in Georgia.

For Dannie, writing is a cathartic process that she uses to quell the questions and fires within.

Her book From My Heart and Rage to Yours is now available online or can be ordered from her website.




Dannie Grandison is an advice columnist who is also a poet. Her book of poems from her first poetry book From My Heart and Rage to Yours is written from the core and aftermath of a breakup.

Dannie can also be booked for counseling sessions as she is also a practicing life enhancement specialist.



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