Testament by Richard W. Kelly – Spotlight and Review


Thomas had been living the life of a lazy man, afraid of failure. His dishelved two bedroom apartment and the filthy gas station he worked at from midnight to morning were close reflections of the depraved inner world he inhabited.

All of that was about to change. A double murder, an unholy creature, and two fresh wounds on his neck would lead Thomas to find a purpose, find himself, find his God.

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This book is like no other that I’ve read. I am a fan of vampires and supernatural beings, from Dracula to Twilight, I love them all, but I can’t find the right group to put this story.

Thomas isn’t the average main character that you identify with, from the first page I found myself hating the guy, which speaks very well about how the author introduced him. We all have lazy days, but Thomas is beyond that, I mean, he doesn’t even have soap in his bathroom and he didn’t notice the milk was two weeks past its expiration date.

Thankfully, everything is about to change in his life, for good or not, that’s something that we will discover through the pages of the book.

I couldn’t help but to feel a bit surprised when all the religious topics started to appear, but I kept reminding myself that this is a work of fiction and so I was able to enjoy the changes and the unexpected ending.

I think this book will stand out in its genre and probably mark a new tendency among writers. I would love to read more from this author in the future and I hope he decides to write a sequel, at least as a short story, to know more about Thomas’ life after the events of this book.

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Cube Jockey by day, author by night, Richard W. Kelly resides in the unbearable heat of Texas where he lives with his wife and two children.

A graduate in Economics from the University of North Texas, Richard W. Kelly continues his Texas residency for over 30 years now.





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