The Dark Room – Spotlight & Review


The Dark Room is a story of mystery and suspense told with images on a Facebook Page.

One new image is uploaded every day with a new chapter.

You can read it for free, you just need to join the Facebook Page and start enjoying this clever book.

The story is also available on Wattpad.





I must confess that I was a bit confused at first. I didn’t know who was telling the story, and what was about, but after reading a few slides, it started to make sense.

There is a person trapped somewhere, in a dark room, he doesn’t know where he is and what’s going on, he can only see a number and hear some voices far from him but he can’t understand what they say.

Every day the number changes and you can realize that it’s a countdown from 365, I can only guess they will have him trapped in there during a year and see what happens, like in some twisted experiment to see how long it will take for him to lose his mind.

This is so imaginative, impressive and clever! I’ve never read something like this, you can only read one new chapter a day and will be getting the answers along with the character. It reminded me to movies like Cube and Saw, it has the same kind of mystery in it and is so much better, because it won’t end after two hours, we have time to try to guess and solve it together.

People on Facebook is commenting with their thoughts and ideas of what will happen, which makes it really special, it’s like watching a movie with a lot of strangers and pause it every 15 minutes to share what we think about it.

I’ve never seen something like this and I hope many more people will join the Facebook Page to be part of it.






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