Meditation: The Science Behind Meditation



There are currently many books, e-Books, and publications about meditation. However, most of these materials are based on a specific philosophical tradition or religion, sidelining those who would like to meditate but do not subscribe to these specific religions or philosophies. Others make mediation sound like laws while it is not. But Meditation: The Science Behind Meditation takes a different approach.

This eBook is unique in the following ways:
Apart from explaining what mediation is, the benefits and how to meditate, you are taken through what meditation is not and the existing myths. This helps you as the reader; get a clear picture of what meditation from the start.
You will learn about the science of meditation. For long this has been a puzzle. How do you sit still and become happy?

How does focusing the mind heal stress?
· You will also learn about the relationship between meditation and posture and the relationship between the brain and meditation.
· This meditation guide is not inclined to any religion, school of thought or philosophical tradition. It can be read and be applied by anyone.
· Unlike, other publications, you will be presented with a picture of how as a meditator you have freedom when meditating. You will choose the best posture and learn to focus on your unique feelings. It is also not a must to meditate when at home; you can meditate at work, when caught in traffic or when in a bus stage.
· Meditation journey is never easy, but in {Meditation: The Science Behind Meditation you will learn about the meditation obstacles you will face and the possible ways of overcoming them.
· Meditation: The Science Behind Meditation does not focus a lot on the meditation types and meditation techniques available, but pays more attention to the true meaning of meditation, the importance of mind during meditation and the science of meditation.
· You will also learn the factors that will determine your success, but more important how to know when you are achieving the meditation benefits and how to measure your progress.

· Introduction To Meditation
· Science Of Meditation
· Creating Of Routine And Finding Time For Meditate
· Types Of Meditation – Pick Become Aware Of Present Moment
· Benefits Of Meditation
· Obstacles Of Meditation
· Beginners First Step
· Breathing & Meditation
· Meditation Postures




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