Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan


Captain Hook has been captured by the British navy—and is soon to be hung.

As Hook tells his life story to his captor, it soon becomes clear that the fearsome pirate was once a scholarly, if sickly boy—until one fateful night in Port Royal, when he meets the volatile Peter Pan…

Raise the Jolly Roger and discover the book that opened thousands of eyes to the possibility that, once upon a time, Captain Hook was not the villain we know him to be.

Since its publication in June of 2012, this original story takes you through Captain Hook’s rise to piracy, including his first confrontation with Long John Silver and his service on the Queen Anne’s Revenge alongside Blackbeard at the Charleston Blockade.

This book is not a retelling of the events of J. M. Barrie’s beloved novel. Far from it. It’s a defense of the world’s most famous pirate, told by the man himself.

Captain Hook has reason and wit behind his hatred for Peter Pan. If only someone would listen.


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“Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan answers the question we all have about villains: are they born bad, or is there a series of tragic events that “turns” them. This book is a narration of Captain Hook as told to the British Admiral who finally captures the infamous pirate. The reader will notice many references to charters in the Pan Mythos, pirate history and the colorful history of the Caribbean.” by Sean K. Quinn

“This is an easy read & takes the reader on an familiar journey to some unexpected and uncharted waters. We get to see the very well known story of Peter Pan and Captain Hook from the opposite point of view it has always been told. James Hoodkins becomes a sympathetic character who we are rooting for by the end of the book. It is easy to forget how quickly we hate the villain when he’s the hero of some other story. This is very entertaining!” by Jeff R. Granger

“I am not someone who would normally read a book about pirates and such,but I am so glad I did.The further I got into the book the more exciting the read became. It drew me in as a good book should,and I started to feel for the characters and couldn’t wait to see what the next pages would bring.When I got to the last page,I was sorry it was done.I think these two young authors did a great job with this book,and I hope there will be more to come from them.” by Toni Del Buono



Journey into the world of Jeremiah Kleckner, educator and author of dark science fiction and fantasy.



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