Worlds Apart: A Spaceface Odyssey


He had saved hundreds of lives. He had vanquished mythical demons, slayed dragons, defeated hordes of invaders, creatures of untold horror. As a gamer, he had brought peace to Earth many times. But this day was different. Nothing he had done before had prepared him for the mess in which he found himself. This was real life.

It was Thanksgiving, the one this twenty-two year old would never forget. It dwarfed Armageddon.

That’s what LMU junior Clayton Gaines realized as he hid from his relatives and other dinner guests at his parents’ home. The truth was he didn’t want to see or talk to anyone until the Xanax he stole from his mother’s medicine cabinet kicked in.

Under the best of circumstances Clayt hated being trapped with relatives. Mercifully, like the flu, he only endured this gut-retching once a year.

“Hey Clayt. How’s it going?”

Clayt was caught between his mother’s shabby chic credenza and his father’s oft’ confused brother, Uncle Earl. He replied with a unique smile, somewhere between absent and a deer in the headlights.

“Uncle Earl.”

“Damn, Clayton, you’re almost as tall as your dad. College obviously agrees with you. What are you studying?”

“Majoring in height with a minor in genetics.”

Clayt couldn’t help himself. It was true that in the last 18 months he had changed quite a bit. Sort of a late bloomer. Since high school he went from a rather rotund 5’8” chunker to his current 6’1” and a very solid 182 pounds foundation. His metamorphosis was certainly a welcomed, if not astonishing transformation.

Gone was the smooth baby face, replaced with a manly, trendy scruff. The only change he hadn’t experienced was in his eyes. They were still sultry, as tropical blue as Caribbean waters. When he smiled they illuminated through his long, dark eyelashes. It was as if they were powered by two ‘D’ batteries. To Clayton’s own acknowledgement, practically overnight he went from an also-ran nag to a champion thoroughbred. Whether he could emotionally handle that sudden change was still TBD.


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I must admit that I am both a sci-fi fan and a gamer, so this was the perfect combo for me.

When I first read the title Worlds Apart: A SpaceFace Odyssey, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it took me just a page or two to get caught in the story.

As soon as you start reading, you are even enticed by the easter egg that the author says lies waiting for us, so that was an unexpected welcome in itself.

The story starts off quite innocently at a family Thanksgiving dinner, introducing Clayton, the lead character and we immediately understand him. However, just a short while later it speeds off into the thick of the story, throwing him into an adventure beyond his imagination, having to help the inhabitants of SpaceFace from a Serpentia Invasion. As soon as his disbelief is over, the action begins and takes you along for the ride.

This novella has all the flair of a great sci-fi story, and it made me remember “The Last Starfighter” both due to its storytelling and fun adventure. A great read to enjoy.



For the past 25 years, David Garber has been serving as the show runner and or writer on some of televisions biggest hits… His work includes stints on such diverse shows as The Power Rangers, The Simpsons, Magnum P.I., The Love Boat, Alien Nation, Saved By the Bell, 227, The Fall Guy and the live action Disney film, Dennis The Menace.

As well as his extensive stints on these series, David spent two years under contract to Eddie Murphy, writing and producing his stand-up concerts as well as his television development slate at Paramount Pictures.

His writing and producing have also netted David two very prestigious awards:

The PRISM AWARD – Outstanding writing achievement in the accurate depiction of drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction for the High Hoops episode, HANG TIME, NBC.

TV CRITICS AWARD – TV SPECIAL OF THE YEAR. “What’s Alan Watching?” CBS. Eddie Murphy Productions.

When not spending numerous hours writing and producing, David’s passions are his family and his Boston Red Sox… “I’m not a fan – I’m a fanatic.”



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