Whitening Harlem: A Study on Gentrification induced Displacement of Persons of Color in Central Harlem


Whitening Harlem is an anthropological research study conducted in Central Harlem that analyzes and explores the complexities of the phenomenon of Gentrification. It presents theoretical concepts, empirical data, and summarizes how gentrification disproportionately affects persons of color regionally. This research study details residents accounts of displacement, poverty, structural racism, and socioeconomic in contemporary New York.



“Research was professional conducted. I strongly recommend reading this, you are sure to learn something new as I did. I believe that the author should of had explored more broadly of the causes of gentrification and weather or not the positives of gentrification out weigh the negatives. I have read a lot about the subject and I have my opinions. Again, I strongly recommend reading this book!” by  Attiba K Boatswain



Belinda Merceron was raised in Miami, Fl; she is a Haitian American author, blogger, photographer and activist.

Ms. Merceron specializes in Anthropological studies, race relations, African Studies, Economics, and Women Studies.

Ms. Merceron is involved in several notable organizations and groups that raise awareness on injustices faced by: Persons of Color (POC), The Disabled, LGBTQ community, Women, Immigrants, and Animals. She is an active board member of a Haitian based NGO, KonbitMizik where her title is Executive Assistant for the grassroot organization that promotes education to youths and orphans throughout Haiti and the Dominican Republic through outreach and music education.

Ms. Merceron is very progressive and supportive of economic freedom, urban farming, self reliance, and she is a vegetarian.

Ms. Merceron is an alum of the University of Massachusetts Lowell, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in PreLaw; Ms. Merceron is currently pursuing her Master’s degree at The New School within the Graduate Program in International Affairs program.

‘Whitening Harlem’ is Ms. Merceron’s first published study. She is currently drafting a photo journal and documentary exposing contemporary American racial division throughout regions of the USA.

During her free time she cycles, travels, blog, and listens to music.





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