My Hair is Art: Her-story and Diaspora Told through Hair – Spotlight & Review


My Hair is Art: Her-story and Diaspora told through Hair is a fictitious tale of ancestry told through the magnificent hairstyles of black women. The lineage of young women in this book documents their travels from the ancient land of Judah, to West Africa, and ultimately to the Americas. This book will help instill pride of the diverse and artistic capabilities of black hair while providing a unique and refreshing perspective of black history that does not begin on a slave ship.



“My hair is art” by Deidra A Sorrel shows the development of hair styles through time, told from the point of view of girls from different cultures and places. Every page shows a new girl with the year when they lived and explains a little of how they used to wear their hair and how their community worked.

It’s a gorgeous book to show girls of all races that curly hair is beautiful and that every girl should be able to wear it naturally with pride.

It also teaches young generations about the lineage and ancestors of African American before slavery, which isn’t often taught in schools.

It has beautiful illustrations and some thought provoking questions at the end to help children embrace what they’ve learned. I want to personally recommend this book to parents and teachers, it’s a great learning tool for both, children and adults.



Dr. Deidra A. Sorrell is the founder and lead therapist at Synergy Wellness Therapeutic Services. Dr. Sorrell has over fifteen years of experience providing psychological assessments and therapeutic/counseling services to children with learning difficulties. Dr. Sorrell also has experience providing adult and family therapy. Based on her research interest in school bullying, Dr. Sorrell has published articles on the experiences of abused teachers and bullying in schools. As an author, Dr. Sorrell has written about racism and cyberbullying in her children’s books titled “The Germ: How to Talk to Kids about Racism and Diversity” and “Jaylen and the Green Book Reloaded”.



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