Turning Points In Compassion: Personal Journeys of Animal Advocates


An inspirational collection of personal stories from the most eloquent, passionate and intellectually progressive voices in today’s Animal Rights movement, Turning Points in Compassion challenges the widespread (and often unquestioned) perceptions of our relationship with animals.

Generally speaking, our society views animals as non-feeling commodities who serve as a food or product source – and animal advocates are seen as a sentimental minority. Seldom do we give thought to the conditions that bring animals to our plate and label the ardent passion of advocates as “extremist.”

Turning Points in Compassion challenges those views with contributions from academics, scientists, doctors, lawyers, farmers, nutritionists, ministers and sanctuary workers.

It debunks the idea that animals are necessary for our sustenance and provides evidence (via respected doctors and nutritionists) that a non-animal diet is more beneficial to our health.

There is also significant evidence that supports the fact that an ‘animal based diet’ leads to cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and some forms of cancer.

Each story is a powerful testimony to the capacity of individuals to transform the worldview inherited from previous generations. As a result, new paradigms replace the old.

Told with a powerful blend of compassion and honesty, these heartwarming stories which describe a new world of compassionate living and understanding, will transform the reader’s perspective on life in a profoundly beautiful way.

Already awarded Vegan of the Year in the category of Outstanding Creative, Turning Points in Compassion reveals a movement that will benefit ourselves, the animals and the planet.

Without question, no reader will be left unchallenged by this book.

“A remarkable, inspirational exploration of plant-based eating.”-G.A. PhD, Founder and Director, The Kerulos Center.

All profits from sales are donated to animal sanctuaries and rescue groups.




Gypsy Wulff has been teaching since the seventies. She began as a primary school teacher and then went on to teacher training and adult education. Today, she teaches music and advocates for animals through humane education and publishing materials for both children and adults. Her vision is of a world where animals can live a life free of suffering.



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