Jaylen and The Green Book Reloaded


One summer is life changing for eleven-year-old Jaylen. During a vacation to visit family, he finds a mysterious book in his grandmother’s closet. This book opens Jaylen’s eyes to a part of African-American history that he was not aware of. In his quest to gain answers, Jaylen’s actions cause a firestorm of events that will change his life forever.

Jaylen and The Green Book Reloaded: The Comic Book Edition, tackles the issues of racism and prejudice, while also addressing cyber-bullying. Even though the subject matter is serious, the comic book edition beautifully illustrates the theme of this story with a cartoon-like flair.

Thought provoking discussion questions at the end of the book also provide a guide for parents and educators to begin important discussions with children.



“Jaylen and The Green Book Reloaded” is a beautiful story about how Jaylen, an 11 year-old boy finds out about the Green Book, when he finds an old copy in his grandmother basement.

He learns that this book was a safe travel guide that African Americans used a long time ago to find friendly restaurants and hotels while they traveled. His family explained that, despite the changes and recent laws, there are racist people now that would want to harm or bully them.

Jaylen then comes with the idea of creating an updated version of the Green Book and has to experience the racism and bullying himself when he does that.

This book is another great tool written by Deidra A Sorrel, to teach children of all ages and races about the history of black people and their struggles against racism and bullying.

A definitely must-read for children, parents and teachers.



Dr. Deidra A. Sorrell is the founder and lead therapist at Synergy Wellness Therapeutic Services. Dr. Sorrell has over fifteen years of experience providing psychological assessments and therapeutic/counseling services to children with learning difficulties. Dr. Sorrell also has experience providing adult and family therapy. Based on her research interest in school bullying, Dr. Sorrell has published articles on the experiences of abused teachers and bullying in schools. As an author, Dr. Sorrell has written about racism and cyberbullying in her children’s books titled “The Germ: How to Talk to Kids about Racism and Diversity” and “Jaylen and the Green Book Reloaded”.



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