Breeder: Arrow’s Flight Book #1 – Spotlight & Review


Nestled within the folds of a war-torn and ruined world, there lies a village. It has no name; it is full of secrets.

Its women survive because they seem to have found a remedy for war; its men survive because the women let them. They all survive because Fate allows it.

Kate never thought much about Fate until she decided not to believe in it anymore. Destined to become a breeder, she wakes up on her sixteenth birthday determined to defy this duty at all cost. It is a heavy price. For her open rebellion, Mona, the Village counsel leader, drags her to the Pit and forces her to confront her mate for the first time.

He is not what Kate expected.

Despite Mona’s fierce punishments for Kate’s disobedience, the tug of her heart grows stronger; it beckons her away from this life and lures her toward the truth about herself, about her village, and about the boy assigned to be her mate.

The questions bring her hope… but the answers?

They terrify her.



This is a very different post-apocalyptic story. My best friend recommend it to me and I had it sitting in my Kindle for months not knowing what to expect. I started reading blindly, I had no clue what it was about, but soon after I started I couldn’t stop reading (and crying).

The story takes place in a village ruled by women, 100 years after The Fall, which is how they call the great war that destroyed most of the world and left only a few people alive. Those that survived created a small community that, in hopes to avoid all kind of war and disasters, decided that men wouldn’t be a part of it, since they are the source of the brutal actions that led the word to its end.

To keep things under control and assure the surveillance of the species, they keep women and men separated from the age of 5, women live in the village and men are taken to the Pit at the age of 16. The villagers rely on Fate, which, through the council and the leader, dictates everyone’s destiny. Women are separated according to their duties, some are gardeners, jailers, hunters, and some are breeders…

I really don’t know how to express all the emotions that this book made me feel. Being a woman and a mother, I can’t conceive the way things were done at the village, how almost no one before Kate thought it was wrong, that they were more than what they were told, that they deserved more, how they could blindly follow someone´s rules and accept her decisions. It made me mad and sad at the same time.

This was a great read, despite the tears; it opened the way to what I expect to be an even greater book, The Archer, which I can’t wait to start. It was beautifully written and very well thought. With detailed descriptions, a high amount of emotion and action, and a very deep message, this is a book to read, re-read, treasure and recommend.

ABOUT THE(1)6556056

Casey Hays is a long time resident of Clovis, New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment, where she continues to reside with her husband of 23 years and her two children. A former high school English teacher, she took up writing in 2008, due to her love of the young adult genre.

Her debut novel,The Cadence, a YA supernatural romance, made its appearance in November 2012. Breeder, her first Dystopian Science Fiction novel with underlying Christian elements, and the first in the Arrow’s Flight Series, released January 15, 2014, and features her 15 year-old son as the cover artist. The sequel in the Arrow’s Flight Series, The Archer published in November 2014, is now available. She is currently working on Book 3.

Her favorite authors include Sarah Dessen, Suzanne Collins, Lauren Oliver, historical fiction author Anya Seton and Christian author Francine Rivers.



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