The Long Summer


When Sophia was told that she was going to be spending her final summer before going off to Harvard with her eccentric Grandma Mary, she was less than enthused. It was, after all, supposed to be the summer to say goodbye to friends and hello to adulthood, not stuck in a dusty old mansion with a woman she didn’t even know..

It wasn’t long, however, before she discovers a family secret and how it’s shaped even her own life.

Losing herself as she listens to Grandma Mary recount her own scandalous past, Sophia learns about her family, herself and maybe even a little about love.

From best selling author Colleen Nye, The Long Summer takes you on the journey of one family’s choices and how fate can sometimes be relentless.




Colleen Nye started writing as a teen. Through school days, she won awards for her poetry and short stories including a Sarah Endres Award for Young Writers. As an adult, she now has short stories in Writing at the Ledges’ second and third anthologies, Seasons of Life and Voices from the Ledges, as well as various publications.

In 2012, she published first book in The Unattainable Series: When in Maui, her first solo novel and a romantic comedy. In 2015, When in Maui moved to Blue Deco Publishing with her second novel, Immersion, a dystopian tech thriller. January 2016, the first books in an anthology series that’s truly unique, designed by Colleen Nye, was released. The series is named The Lunch Time Anthologies. They are full length novels with a variety of authors writing pieces that are embedded into the over-arching storyline written by Colleen. The first book is Gable Heights, and it is a crime drama.

Also in 2016, she released several projects including The Unattainable Series: Book Two, When in Doubt and a coming of age drama called The Long Summer. She is also co-leading and appearing in each of the 5 books in an anthology series release called The Debut Collective. Working on two series, sci-fi and fantasy, and book three in The Unattainable Series, she is busy writing every day.

Colleen also writes press releases and content for newspapers, magazines and online blogs, web sites and more, makes book covers and book trailers. Oh, and she is the proud owner of Blue Deco Publishing.



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