The Battle of Bulimic Barb


For thirty years, I have been free from the mental grip of bulimia. This is my memoir, recounting my eleven years with the disease, and discussing ideas to help you become healthy. This book has the feeling of fiction because there is such an engrossing story-line, but every recollection is 100% true!

My purpose in writing this book is to help both the person with bulimia and his/her friends and family. By reading about my disorder and the resulting introspection, you will be able to understand yourself or your loved one better.

Experience what it feels like to be trapped in the illness of bulimia: the guilty pleasure, the embarrassing situations, the anguish and self-loathing. Despite all of that, this will not be a depressing book: a gentle and slightly humorous touch has been employed to balance the seriousness of the disorder!

Explore reasons bulimia occurs, and solutions for a return to vibrant and enthusiastic living!



“It is rare that I read a book in one sitting….I often have a dozen going at once on my kindle…. So when I read that friend Barb had written a book I figured…what’s one more book! I read this one in one sitting….cover to cover. I found her account of her many years of struggle to be heartfelt. In no way was it clinical and I appreciated that Barb said as much throughout the book. Still I found it to be very helpful. Most of us have numerous challenges throughout our lives and I was intrigued to read how Barb faced this very big challenge and came out the other side much better. Thank you for sharing your story Barb.” by John



The Battle of Bulimic Barb is my first book! It is 100% true, and details my eleven years with the illness. Hopefully, you will find it fascinating to experience the feeling of being pulled into the illness as you read my book and how it takes a person to low levels. You will gain a great understanding of bulimia from reading about that portion of my life. I promise, the book is still “light” in feel, and has many humorous parts – even when writing about a serious illness, I like to give out positive vibes!

I was raised in Detroit and now live in Central Illinois with a husband and a crazy red cocker spaniel. I also have two grown children. Michigan is where my heart resides, and I hope to move back one day. I work full-time and love bicycle riding, occasional jogging, knitting, crocheting, quilt making and cross-stitching (although I am not especially good at any of the needlework crafts)!

Currently, I have ideas for two more books, and hope to get started on those soon!



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