Success In College: An Orientation Guide for College Students


In this book, students will gain an inside look at what college is like. Written as an orientation guide, it is matter of fact and to the point. The tips and suggestions are intended to help students succeed in a common sense and practical manner. This is a must read for any potential or starting college student.

From the Author

My intent is to help students succeed in college. I have had the opportunity to be involved with many orientations for students new to college. Things such as knowing the differences between high school and college can be helpful in succeeding in higher education. The earlier those differences are realized, the better the student will do on campus. Many students have also returned to college and after many years, if not decades, from formal education. This book is meant to be a short read that provides information about what it takes to succeed in college. My goal with this book is for readers to walk away with tips that will make them more successful in college.



“This is a great text for new college students, and especially those who are first generation college students. There are nice citations throughout that explain terminology that might be foreign to some (what is an adjunct faculty?). It also does a good job servicing as a primer on how to survive college, and especially the freshman year. It’s amazing how many students have no study skills coming in, but this guides them through the basics. It would be useful in a freshman orientation class.” by Justin Young



Dr. Patrick Carter has been an educator and academic administrator for over a decade. He has instructed classes in the areas of business, communication, research, and media production. His educational background in communication, marketing, business, and higher education has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He enjoys helping students to achieve their educational goals.

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