The Wave


Just how far is it from London to Gotham City? Or from Paul Auster to Pierre Menard for that matter? Some people may think these sorts of questions are idle and ultimately meaningless but this book is not for them.

Three intertwined narratives play out as the stories of µ, an isolated loner, DOWN, a depressed publisher, and David Bohm, a real-life quantum theoretician in post-war São Paulo, become entangled.

The closer each of these trails leads to the dark centre of the world the more reality disintegrates. Dualities of certainty and doubt, hope and fear, and reason and nonsense drag each of the characters struggling into an absurd, labyrinthine world of seemingly infinite regress.



“Vivid, taut and grimly effective work.” by Paul Ashton, BBC Writersroom

“Beautiful and eloquent…. very well structured and an extremely engaging read. Suspense and tension are built really well within the piece, and the sinister atmosphere evoked is powerful.” by National Theatre Scotland

“Bloom has a dark, distinct voice, and his prose truly engaged me as I wondered what would happen next. Not your cookie cutter style of storytelling, his writing is for those who want to really dive into another world.” by Jennifer Bowen



The BBC Writersroom describe Lochlan’s writing as ‘unsettling and compelling… vivid, taut and grimly effective work’. He has attend the invitation only SCENEinsiders event at the Gothenberg Film Festival and currently has a feature length script in production with Porcelain Film. Lochlan lives in London and does not have a cat or a dog.

Lochlan Bloom has completed recent projects for BBC Radio Scotland, H+ Magazine and Ironbox Films. He is published in the latest issue of Calliope, the official publication of the Writers’ Special Interest Group (SIG) of American Mensa.



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