Adult Coloring Book With Color By Number or Not (Volume 3)


When it is time to relax and unwind from the activities of the day, there is simply nothing better than a cup of hot cocoa and your favorite coloring pencils and books. With the explosion of interest in adult coloring books, adults of all ages have been able to rediscover the joys of exploring their creative minds.

However, some of us never really mastered the art of choosing the right colors. We are more than just color-blind; we are color-challenged. In this unique twist on the coloring books for adults genre, C.R. Gilbert has added an extra element to her coloring book designs. From the mind of the artist, you will find two copies of each design — one with numbers and one without numbers.

You will also find a key that describes the recommended color combinations, and you will find two practice templates to help you to explore new color combinations before diving into coloring the actual design. There is actually no better method available to help you learn how to combine the colors of the rainbow into any design you attempt.

When you begin this journey, you will see designs that will use just three colors. By the time you reach the end of the book, the more complex designs will include up to six individual colors. If you have ever struggled with picking the best colors for the illustrations you tackle, you will surely find this must-have coloring-guide to be helpful and very educational.

By the time you have completed this remarkable coloring book for adults, you will have a lot more confidence in your ability to combine a variety of colors in a really beautiful way.



“As the adult coloring books have become very popular, I am one to enjoy them as well. I love coloring and the different designs but I have always had trouble trying to place the colors together for an eye-appeasing scheme. I love how this book has corresponding color pencils that you are able to buy because it helps me feel more like an artist. The beginning designs are simple and get more complex towards the end of the book. I really liked the sample pages where you could experiment with different colors for the design, letting my own creative juices flow. For those of us that are not so gifted with color schemes, there are two versions of each design. One is the free standing one to use whichever colors you may wish and the other is numbered as a guide to help understand which colors to use.

C. R. Gilbert has created another great book, Color by Number or Not, Vol 3, that I am able to enjoy for hours. If you have not yet tried an adult coloring book, I recommend this one!” by Sam Gaskill

“Another great coloring book from C. R. Gilbert! I love using the swatch pages to try different color combinations.” by kstorm



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