Chickadee Chick: El Pequeñín Carbonero (Spanish Edition)


Es un hermoso día soleado en la granja Carbonero cuando ¡el día se arruinó! Chickadee Chick oye que los chicos, que viven en la granja, se van a mudar a la ciudad durante el verano y que no habrá nadie que llene los alimentadores de pájaros. ¿Qué van a hacer? ¿Se irán a morir de hambre? ¿Van a tener que mudarse? Descubre lo que pasa y como Chickadee Chick se enreda en este lío.



It’s a beautiful sunny day on The Bennett Farm when all havoc breaks loose. Chickadee Chick overhears that the boys will be moving to the city for the summer and that there will be no one there to fill the bird feeders. What will they do? Will they starve? Will they have to move? Find out what happens as Chickadee Chick gets tangled up in the mess. Children will also enjoy the fun activities at the end of this book. Included are a crossword puzzle about birds, color by number and more.



Nerina Di Benedetto is the author of The Bennett Farm Series.

The first book in this series, Chickadee Chick, revolves around the daily adventures of a darling little chickadee. Chickadee Chick lives on the Bennett Farm.

Chickadee Chick is also available in Spanish. (El Pequeñín Carbonero)

In March of 2013, Ms. Di Benedetto published her 2nd book, Ice Cream Kitty.
Ice Cream Kitty also lives on the Bennett Farm.

The October Storm, featuring Chickadee Chick and Ice Cream kitty, is the third book in this series.

Having a love of children and a long time interest in wildlife she brings together her creativity and passion in colorful storybooks for children.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book is donated to children’s charities and wildlife preservation.



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