To Love, or Not to Love, That is Art


‘To Love, or Not to Love, That is Art’, chronicles painter Kaela Elizabeth Cedar’s inspiration, the love in her life, and how one influences the other. As she debates her engagement to an uninspiring man, she is met with one that inspires her, incredibly. In the following confusion she recalls her father’s last breaths, her mother’s hysterical shrieks, and her grandfather’s comforting advice, while the empty canvas awaits her brush strokes eagerly.



15% of the profits from this book will go the UNICEF education fund.


“I don’t write many reviews but, when I finished this book the author deserves recognition… It is a great read and you really get a new appreciation for what “love” truly means through this novel. Some can instantly relate to their own lives, it gets intense at some points and really gets you focused in on how great of a job the author has put everything together. It has true meaningful quotes and lines you will cherish and some that will break your heart. Novels that really drive you and keep you focused on wanting to read more and more and makes you feel such emotions throughout, is what a novel is all about” by AJ

“This beautiful, introspective and lyrical love story about the uncertainties and insecurities that come with young love is no light read. Its poetic prose is meant to be read slowly. I really felt for the characters, Ella and Erit and wanted them to get it right in the end.” by Judith Kilcullen 

“Like the fragments of a shattered mirror, the myriad thoughts in Ella’s mind coalesce into a reflection of her conflicting emotions in this poetic novel by Ali Murtaza. Ella’s inner voices of joy, pain and self-doubt bubble to the surface to join in a swirling and cascading chorus of feelings. A strong dose of humor spices up the mix.
The narrative accelerates at the midpoint of the book as Ella meets Erit, an absent-minded dreamer. Their relationship is fraught with contrasting winds of doubt and passion; but their attraction is too strong to resist.
Like your favorite book of poetry, this book is perfect for reading in bits and pieces.” by Topanga Man



Writer and filmmaker Ali Murtaza, a native of Pakistan, grew up listening to his grandmother’s tales of war, lost wealth, and the miracle of life. This, combined with his love of literature and film, as well as his travels throughout the world, including to Iran during the 2009 uprisings, have made Ali a storyteller in his own right.

Ali, who majored in creative writing at California State University Northridge, is the author of the novel “To Love, Or Not to Love, That is Art,” to be released May 26, a series of short stories, and several screenplays, including the film, “Love By Any Other Name,” which is currently in preproduction and which he will direct.

His work has been published in magazines such as D-Eye-Y and Levels Below, and he regularly writes for the community newspaper, Topanga Messenger. Ali has also directed several short videos, including an artistic introduction to “Comedy of Errors” for the renowned theatre company, “A Noise Within.”

Described as a “visual writer” by his peers and able to “portray the nuances of life,” Ali’s novel, “To Love, Or Not Love, That is Art,” centers on a young woman whose encounter with the various aspects of love in her life provides the inspiration for her artistic endeavors. Reviewers have described the novel as “meaningful,” “beautiful” and “intense.”

Ali’s overarching goal is to be an international storyteller; however, his singular passions are filmmaking and to be able help others.

His immediate goals include establishing an international production company of which a percentage of all revenues would be donated to charitable organizations.

“My ultimate goal is to make feature narrative films and tell stories all over the world,” Ali says, “while working to make a positive mark in the world by encouraging charity through and with my work–to make a difference.”



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