Animals In Action: Colouring Book for Adults


Relaxed Fun With A Special Colouring Book.

Considering the busy daily routines of modern life, it’s no wonder colouring books for adults have become so popular.

In many ways, colouring has meditative properties. A task that is creative without being demanding, hits all the right reward spots of the brain. Focusing on this simple task takes your mind off everyday problems and anxieties.

“Animals in Action” is a colouring book that takes your stress relief seriously.

Detailed Designs, Better Focus.

I paid extra attention to each drawing, so they are as detailed and realistic as possible. Extra details grab your attention, absorb you in the colouring task, keeping your mind free from everything else.

Better detailed drawings also mean more ways to be creative. Make each page your own by using your favourite colour schemes.

Lively Animals, Stress-Free Mind.

It’s a well-known fact that spending time and watching animals is a relaxing and therapeutic experience. This is why I decided to make animals in action the theme of my colouring book. In “Animals In Action”, you will find 30 attractive drawings of lions, horses, cats, dogs, giraffes and more, in various lively snapshots. Let your mind focus on the beauty of nature and the animal kingdom.

If colouring relaxes you, colouring the right drawings could be the most calming activity for you. Have fun and rediscover yourself by engaging in an activity that allows you to be you in the moment.





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