In What Remains


It happens before she can blink

When Rachel and her family make a routine stop and become the targets of a violent assault, their summer road trip descends into a nightmare. Escaping with the man who impulsively saved her life, the quiet, dreamy girl leaves her innocence behind, and self-preservation takes over. Can she trust him? Can she afford not to? Curtly apathetic and wholly impatient with her, Eric was somehow involved in it all, but he’s her key to surviving in a bleak new reality. The first step in doing this is running as fast, and as far, as she can.

Moving forward in a dissolute whirlwind, Rachel has only one goal: to forget that day, by any means possible. But as her tangled connection with Eric deepens, she can’t bring herself to forgive his role in it. She can’t forget his ties to the person responsible. And she can’t let go of the anger that begins to take root, manifesting into an obsession that could ultimately destroy her. Because the danger she’s courting may find her first – and it may be something she isn’t coming back from.

In What Remains is a dark and gritty novel of loss, love, and survival in a time when everything familiar is gone.

This book contains explicit language, sexual content, drug use, violence, criminal activity, and women who fight back. Recommended for mature readers only.

5641466_origABOUT THE(1)
K.B. Rose resides in the Midwest with her husband and daughter. She loves books that make her feel, movies that surprise her, exotic foods, hula hoop dancing, bike riding, music, and daydreaming (she sometimes refers to this as “plotting,” but let’s be honest).  

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