The Grandpa Book: Are You Ready?


I’m a grandfather. These are my thoughts about becoming a grandfather. I also offer advice to new grandfathers on what to do, and how to do it, to be the best grandpa possible! I hope you enjoy becoming the World’s Greatest Grandpa.




This book is such a lovely guide to grand parenthood. My stepdaughter has a 2 year old and a one month old and I have found myself doing so many things outlined in this book. The author James Ettwein has really hit the nail on the head when he gives advice about giving advice. New parents will want to learn their own way and that is OK. But be available to them in case they do want your advice. I really love Mr. Ettweins idea of opening an e-mail account in the grandchild’s name and sending e-mails and photos to the account. It sounds like a digital scrapbook of memories and if god forbid something happens to you the child will still have a piece of you to take with them into their adult Rosemary M. Goddard

I have three grandchildren, one just a little over 1 month old. This book has given me so many great ideas on projects I can do for all of them so they can look back when they are older and see how they have grown and changed over the years. There is nothing pretentious here, no cliched “Hallmark Card” advice. There is only loving, common sense advice written from a grandfather’s perspective. It focuses on the importance of patience, kindness, and being involved in their lives. I really loved reading “The Grandpa Book.” It helped me see that what I am doing is what I should be doing, and it made me feel good about my relationship with my Kevin Lintner


James Ettwein lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife, Sue, and Tessie, their black lab. He lived in Massachusetts for thirty years, but the nine feet of snow this past Winter was too much! Sue and Jim have been married forty-five years and have been sweethearts since junior high school. Their four sons are grown and married to four wonderful women. Their grandchildren are all amazing.



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