Peace Diet: Reverse Obesity, Aging, and Disease by Eating for Peace, Mind, and Body


Reverse disease, aging and obesity by eating for peace of body, mind, and spirit. According to the “Peace Plate”. Thousands have lost weight effortlessly while eating more food because their body is a Peace. Others have found a surprising peace of mind. Still others have found that many of their medications become unnecessary by following this scientifically based program along with its 8 enhancements of optimizing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health. Along with optimizing exposure to earth, air, fire and water. This book is written by award-winning Harvard-trained nutritionist and physician Dr. Terry Shintani with Foreword by world-reknowned Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of the China Study.



“I highly recommend this book. Learning to unlearn bad eating habits allowed me to transition into a healthier lifestyle- This book is excellent for the newbie to health and wellness as well as the seasoned health nut who needs to update old information and relearn ways to stay healthy and happy. It is all about taking care of the total person– we are multifaceted individuals who need to remember to heal the WHOLE body to be truly healthy. Thank You for writing this book– aloha from your #1 fan !!” by GfromHawaii

“This is a must have book for every home. The results from following Dr Shintanis work are life changing. I have dropped 40 lbs,lowered my blood pressure and feeling much better overall. This book explains the why and how of healthy lifestyle choices in eating. Read and follow his program you will be glad you did. Excellent Dr. Excellent book.” by Frances

“Dr Shintani is amazing in how he puts it all together. This is not just about one area in your life. It takes the whole person (spiritually, physically, emotionally, etc.) and puts it all together. We are a product of everything that goes into us … not just food. Thank you Dr. Shintani for your guidance and insight.” by Roselyn



Terry Shintani MD, JD, MPH, KCSJ is an American physician, nutritionist, attorney, professor, author, lecturer, and radio talk show host. He is formally designated a “Living Treasure” of Hawaii and is officially knighted by the Orthodox Order of St. John of Jerusalem. He serves as the CEO of the International Holistic Therapy Association and as Professor and Associate Chair of the Dept of Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine.


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