The Breath of Odin Awakens: Secrets of the Önd, Hamingja & Norse Luck Unveiled


Ever wondered how some people have all the ‘luck in the world’ whilst others struggle in an endless loop of hardship? Ever wondered how some people just ‘stumble’ on the best opportunities, one after the other? How all their needs seem to be inexplicably met in rapid succession? Ever wondered why some people seem to develop incredible mental abilities whilst others struggle to understand the basics?

Well, stop wondering! The concept of ‘Norse Luck’, also known as the power of luck, gives insights into all those situations. A mysterious, almost mystical energy that fuels luck, fortune, success and health was known to our ancestors as ‘megin’ and produced by one of our energy organs (called the ‘hamingja’). Available to all. Megin is often ignore and can be depleted by life, wastage, or poor health and resulting in everything becoming so much more difficult. The hamingja and its secrets are finally revealed in plain language with no mystery for all to grasp.

The Breath of Odin Awakens shows you how to gain direct access to this ‘luck power’, how to increase it, how to use it, regenerate it and most importantly how to stop others from stealing it. For those interested, it will show you how to enhance and expand your very Self. At long last, the missing link runemasters have known about for aeons, as well as how they empowered their rune work with actual power. Find the missing key, which is openly shared in its full glory!



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“Wow dam wow, is it just me or has this book just revealed to the public what spiritual power is, how it is generated and used?
Not only that but echoing the review left on the Amazon Canada web site the practices in this book are potent. The author outlines the topic sources in the actual eddas without overdoing the scholarly and then goes to explain the actual techniques keeping to the tradition. You won’t find any ritualistic nonsense, nor new age twisting to make it fit into something which it is not. By far one of the best books on Runes around.
It is the first of a series which has the goal of teaching actual the runes. It is written in such a clear and elegant. It is easy to mistakenly think you are sitting face to face with one of the Aesir and they are teaching you.
Highly recommended to anyone studying or following the spiritual traditions be it Norse or not. you will not find any such detailed material elsewhere. Can’t wait for the next!” by NorseStudent

“I took a chance on this book as it was so new but glad I did. The information is fresh and not just regurgitated from other authors or sources…which is something I find a lot of metaphysical books do that irritates me. I’ve done the first two exercises so far and have to say I’m impressed.” by Sylari






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