Asha’s Stone – Review

33141029Born in a small rural village south of Bangalore, Asha has always yearned to escape the trappings of traditional Indian life. Caught between an alcoholic father and an overbearing mother, Asha’s only comfort—and sense of safety—comes from the protective gaze of her childhood friend Wali. And though her world expands as she blossoms into adulthood, Asha remains torn between her duty to her family and her unending desire to chase her dreams.

When a whirlwind romance with wellborn Charu unexpectedly promises to bring order to her chaotic life, it appears Asha’s troubles have come to an end. But a tempest of betrayal soon threatens to drown her new fragile hope and Asha is forced to flee, more desperate and determined than ever. It is through this journey, over land and through her own inner struggles, that Asha begins to discover who she is and where she truly belongs.

Set against the beautiful backdrop of modern-day India, ASHA’S STONE weaves the poignant story of a young woman struggling to reconcile the past with the present, traditional culture with her unyielding independence, and a childhood relationship with unrequited love. This inspirational glimpse into coming of age in India proves just how powerful self-exploration, forgiveness, redemption and second chances can be.

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4 of 5 Stars

Asha is a young woman in search of independence and hoping to be able to make her dreams true. As any other young woman, you may be thinking. Well, not exactly…

This book is telling us the story of the struggles and frustrations of a girl that lives in a suppressed society where women are supposed to grow up fast and become wives and mothers, and be content and grateful for it.

But Asha is different than all those women; she seeks a life of her own, she has her own ideas and dreams and refuses to be shut down and to have her dreams crashed. Her journey is one that will put tears in your eyes as you follow a strong female character, fighting the world around her to break free.

I’m not sure of the nationality of the author, but if she’s not Indian, then she made a wonderful job researching their culture, despite of being a beautiful written and inspirational story, I enjoyed how much I learned and how much it spoke to me personally, reminding me that we can achieve our dreams and have the life that we deserve if we truly put our heart on it.

I give it only 4 stars because I think it was short, it’s only 80ish pages, and I wish it was a bit longer, it’s such a rich plot that I feel it could be turned into a full length novel with more details, but I loved it anyways.




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