Author Spotlight: Valeria Wenderoth

10801917Valeria Wenderoth was born in Italy on a fresh summer evening. She was raised bilingual (Italian and French) and lived in Rome until she moved to Hawaii, then Colorado, and lately to Florida. She holds a PhD in Music History and has been a professor at the University of Hawaii for many years. She presently develops and teaches graduate and undergraduate online courses.

Besides working in Academia, Ms. Wenderoth is a passionate mystery reader and writer, and a technology enthusiast. She is the Founder and Principal of Book Trailer Sync, a company that creates, produces and distributes book trailers for published authors.

BAD BY THE NUMBERS is the first of her Lieutenant Sorensen series.

23840402“BAD BY THE NUMBERS is a meticulously crafted police procedural, with plenty of mystery, tense action and a solid romance to sweeten the mix.” (Award-winning author of the Cilla Stephenson mysteries, T. H. Pine).

While jogging, explosives expert Nick Harris finds a driver’s license at Denver City Park. He grabs it, forgets about it and, never dreaming of the sinister consequences that will haunt him, he flies to Paris for a conference.

A shooting at Brighton University, Colorado, results in two victims, both professors. The alleged killer, another BU professor, is caught onsite and taken to jail. The case appears to be straightforward, but Brighton Police Lieutenant, Mark Sorensen, senses that something is missing from the picture.

After a day goes by, the corpse of a third professor is found in the Denver City Park’s lake. Is he the missing piece of the puzzle?

As Sorensen navigates through the university’s political labyrinth to solve the multiple-murder case, Nick’s name comes up as a possible suspect. The accusation prompts Nick to embark on his own quest in Paris with the aid of a mysterious, witty woman and of an eager Parisian journalist.

A fast-paced, page-turner mystery, BAD BY THE NUMBERS will make you guess to the end.

5641466_origABOUT THE(2)

Or so Sorensen’s chief thinks. The problem for Sorensen is figuring out just who the murderer is this time. With two bodies, the smoking gun, and the shooter (we know, because her fingerprints are on the gun), it looks like a wrap, until the third body, then the fourth, then…heck, who’s counting anymore. Not one to jump to conclusions, Sorensen accepts help when he needs it and serendipitous ends up with an international team of experts brought together by fate and the book cover on a children’s story. A rollicking tale split between Metro Denver and Paris that has all the elements for a thriller, but as Sorensen notes early in the morning after a sleepless night, without the zombies. Worst of all, none of it makes sense, until the good guys—at least, that’s how Selma classifies herself and her array of exes (one with a car) and others who are just friends—step up to help Nick prove he’s not the one Sorensen is looking for. Explosives, the Internet, Guy Fawkes, and transportation strikes in Paris all come together to keep the various players on their toes, or at least in the case of the extra chair in Sorensen’s office not comfortable when they do sit down. “Bad by the Numbers: A Lieutenant Sorensen novel” is a promising beginning to a new series by Valeria SK Holmesley

When a college professor’s student goes missing, at the same time an unidentified body dies in a suspicious fire, the professor gets drawn into solving the mystery. Is it related to research her student was doing? The motive is unique and the story moves quickly. I like how the author weaves in the relationship issues between the professor and her husband along the Diane Weiner



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