Vanessa Kings’ Books is back!!!

Hello everyone!

I’m happy to announce that, after about a month of not being able to post, or review any books on my blog, now I’m back and ready to start showing you some great books.

First of all, thank you for staying during this silent time, it won’t happen too often (I hope). I’ve been working on a new project and I can’t wait to tell you about it, but since I don’t want to jinx it, I will keep my mouth shut and my finger away from the keyboard, until is finished.

During, this month, besides working, I’ve joined a reading marathon on Facebook and I’m really enjoying it. I never participated in a book club or marathon before, and it’s really fun to discuss and share the book experience with other, including the author.

If you want to join the marathon, we are currently reading the second book of the series, but you can catch up quickly, since you won’t be able to put the first book down once your start 🙂


Link to book 1

Marathon Leg 1

Link to book 2

Marathon leg 2

I will be posting my review for Breeder soon, so stay tuned!

More good news:

Our Springtime giveaway is live! More than 40 authors and bloggers are offering books, jewelry and gift cards as individual prizes, and the best of it? $180 PayPal grand prize!!! Entries are free, so start clicking…


Also, remember the Virtual Book Fair that we held in February? I won two amazing books that I will be posting soon, and you won’t want to miss them, they are absolutely great reads!


I’m very excited to post my first spotlights and review for this new phase and I hope you enjoy them.

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See you soon!





Year 2005. Ariel and I were living together for a year and the apartment felt very empty when he was at work, so we decided that it was time for us to get our first child, a cat, so I started searching in the internet for people who had cats for adoption.
I found a woman that worked at a hospital and she rescued cats from a park near her work, she brought them home and put them for adoption, so I went to her house, very excited and hoping she had a little black female cat, because I always wanted a black cat with a white chest.

She had a lot of kittens, and she had a little female black cat with a white chest, just what I wanted… I was about to tell the lady that I wanted that one, but then, while I was sitting at the floor, surrounded by kittens, this little thing climbed my legs and starting purring at me. She was striped like a little tiger, her ears were giant, and she choose me.

So, I picked her up and told the lady I was going to adopt this little one. I named her Sally, hoping that someday I was going to get a male black cat with a white chest and name him Harry.



Year 2013. I was four months pregnant and had to go the hospital for my doctor appointment. Ariel and I left the house and my cat-radar heard someone meowing, really loud. Then I saw this poor little cat, very skinny and, for what i heard, very hungry, standing at the wall of a house.
I went inside our house again and got some of Sally’s food, gave it to the cat and pet her while she ate, she didnt stop purring, but I was getting late for my appointment, so I left her there, eating and went to the hospital.

When we came back, she wasn’t there anymore. Few hours later it started raining, and then I heard the meowing again, she was at my yard, all wet and hungry again. I picked her up and brought her inside, but Sally wasn’t too happy about it, so I put the cat in the apartment we were building next to the house.

Next day I took some pictures of her and posted them on facebook, expecting to find her family, but no one answered, so I kept her. I named her Sasha because we watching The Voice and I really liked Sasha Allen, one of the contestant.

She got used to the family life really quickly, and when we moved to the apartment, they had few fights with Sally but now they live in peace, they are not friends, but they respect each other.



Few months after we moved to the apartment we started to hear a cat outside our window, it was really loud and a bit annoying, we thought he came to look for Sasha, but she wasn’t interested. He kept comming and when I tried to get close to him he ran away. I even put some food outside for him but he wouldn’t come to eat.
About 3 weeks ago he came into our yard, Ariel put some food on the stairs and waited… eventually he came closer and ate. Ariel did this for several days, until the cat let him touch him while he ate. Then he let me touch me, then he came inside the house and let me pick him up, that day I found out it is a boy.

He still doesnt stay inside, he comes and goes and is still very scared, but we hope he will want to stay and become a part of our family soon, we call him unnamed kitty for now until we found the perfect name for him.

We decided to name the unnamed kitty, Simon. We will try to domesticate him and keep him 🙂


I was born on March 14th of 1985, in Rosario, Argentina. At the age of 10 I wrote my first fairy tale as a way to deal with a very painful earache. I found writing comforting and distracting. After that day, I continued writing every time I felt the need of leaving realty behind. By the age of 18 I had around 120 pieces written of fairy tales, poems, life’s reflections and other stories. I always wanted to publish my stories but never had the confidence to do it. After my son was born, my husband and my best friend gave me the confidence that I needed to start writing my first book. I decided to start translating and eventually publish one of my favorite stories, hoping to bring the fantasy and imagination back to all those kids and young readers that would adventure themselves into its pages. That’s how Chronicles of the Nocturnal Forest was born.


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