Cowboy Kisses – Six Romantic Tales of Colorado Cowboys


I’m so excited about this Colorado Cowboy Anthology!

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This anthology includes the following SIX stories:

Cowboy Homecoming by Cindi Myers
After years in the city Kate Randolph has come home to take care of her ailing father, only to find local cowboy Jace Carpenter in charge of her father’s ranch. Jace isn’t sure what to make of Kate, but he’s dealing with big changes in his own life since his family ranch was sold. Can a prodigal daughter and a restless cowboy turn the bad hand life has dealt them into a winning combination?


Kate held the water bottle out and Jace reached for it, and set it on the ground at their feet. Then he drew her close. She stared up at him, heart hammering. “I almost kissed you the other night on my back porch,” he said. “But you pulled away.”

“I’ve regretted that ever since,” she said softly, and stood on tip-toe to press her lips to his.

He kissed her the way she imagined he did everything else, with a quiet thoroughness and skill that left no room for doubts or second thoughts. She closed her eyes and surrendered to the firm heat of his lips on hers, the taste of him on her tongue, the feel of his strong arms encircling her. It was as if she had been asleep for months, and the kiss awakened her, blood humming in her veins, every nerve buzzing with awareness of him.

When at last they broke apart, both breathless and panting a little, they stared at each other. “Maybe my other regret is that we didn’t do this sooner,” he said, smoothing one hand along the curve of her hip. “Say, ten years ago.”

“No, sooner wouldn’t have been as good,” she said. “You have to grow into a kiss like that.”

He kissed her again, letting his lips wander after a moment, from her mouth along the curve of her jaw and down the column of her neck, resting a moment over the pulse at her throat. She let out a breathy moan and dug her fingers into his biceps. If he could leave her this weak-kneed with just a kiss, imagine what he could do with the rest of his body.


Cindi Myers is the author of more than 70 published novels. She wrote her first romance in eighth grade – a manuscript widely circulated among her classmates, until confiscated by her English teacher, who told her she needed to work on her spelling and grammar. Those skills much improved, she loves writing from her home in the western Colorado mountains, where she lives with her spoiled dogs and handsome husband. When not writing, she enjoys skiing, camping, knitting, quilting, and cooking – and reading lots and lots of good books.



Loving You From Afar by RaeAnne Hadley
Ariana thought her life was over when she lost her husband. But through a strange twist of events that brought a stranger into her and her children’s lives, she was starting to believe that maybe it was just the beginning.


Snowflakes fell from the black sky, lazily making their way down to the cold earth. It was so quiet that she could hear them when they landed.

All of the animals, both wild and domestic, were hunkered down to wait out the December storm.

She sat on the deck allowing the fat flakes to gather on her eye lashes. The house was quiet; her girls snug in bed and sound asleep. She felt moisture slide down her cheeks but didn’t bother to wipe them away. She looked up towards the heavens and sighed.

“I don’t know how to do this without you. We made so many plans, had so many dreams. Our girls need their daddy and I need my best friend. You kept me strong. Made me a better mother because you were an amazing father. My heart hurts. My mind aches and I don’t know that I’m strong enough to do this alone.”

She dropped her eyes and wiped away the tears. A breeze rustled the naked branches and she shivered. Gathering her empty tea cup, she let herself back into the house. She didn’t see the lone red rose petal fall from the sky and settle onto the seat of her chair


I’m an accidental author as I began writing my first story, Mechanics of Murder, after I had been fired for taking maternity leave. I took a 3rd shift job and trying to keep myself awake, I used my imagination and started creating a story of a female mechanic, which I was, finding a dead body underneath the truck she was working on. My father absolutely loved the story and encouraged me to complete it and get it published. I was almost finished with the first draft when my father had a stroke. Encouraging him to get better, I rushed the book to Lulu Publishing without it being edited. My father was able to hold my first novel but was never able to read it; he passed away 2 days later. But it began a passion for me that has not dwindled!



My Forever Cowboy by Diane J. Reed
Just when you least expect it, love finds you forever.
Photographer Avery Smart refuses to believe in “forever cowboys” after her father died in a tragic rodeo accident, until professional bull rider Grant Hollow decides to shed new light into the darkroom of her heart.


For a moment, all Grant could see was coppery hair with strands of gold highlighted by the sun. He squinted and made out the lovely face of Avery Smart, her brows drawn in concern.

Instantly, she hooked her elbows beneath Grant’s arm pits and proceeded to drag his weight with all her might. When Grant realized what was happening, that he was still in the rodeo arena near a two-thousand-pound bull that hadn’t been driven to the exit pen yet, he stumbled to his feet and turned the tables on Avery. Scooping her into his large arms, he hugged her close and made a mad dash for the fence.

“Good thing you’re light!” he cried, his feet drumming beneath him. A cowboy swung open a nearby gate. Grant rushed through, panting for breath as the cowboy slammed it shut. He held Avery so tightly to his chest, she could feel his heart hammering through his shirt as if he didn’t quite believe they’d made it to safety.

“You’ve heard of Dances with Wolves?” said the announcer. “Looks to me like Grant Hollow was dancing with the photographer! Am I the only who’s noticed he hasn’t put her down yet? Let’s give that cowboy a hand for protecting a lady the old fashioned way.”

The crowd applauded and whistled their approval.

“I’ve never had to clear the arena before I sprinted to the fence before.” Grant smiled, his face so close to Avery’s he could kiss her. The glint in his eye revealed he’d thought about it.

“Clear the arena? What am I, an empty beer can?”Avery replied, unable to hide the warmth that suffused her cheeks. The truth was, his muscled biceps felt heavenly against her body. And from this vantage point, she got an even closer look at his to die-for eyes.

“I didn’t mean it that way.” A smile teased Grant’s lips, which where perilously close to hers. “A woman like you couldn’t be trash if you tried.” He paused, his eyes tracing the amber highlights that perfectly framed her beautiful face. “More like striking gold.” He took in the warm brown of her eyes and the curve of her mouth, which Avery found sexy to the point of excruciating. “Next time, though,” Grant scolded, “I suggest you don’t try to rescue one of your photo subjects. Bulls are non-discriminating—they’ll take out anybody.”


USA TODAY bestselling author Diane J. Reed writes happily ever afters with a touch of magic that make you believe in the power of love. Her stories feed the soul with outlaws, mavericks, and dreamers who have big hearts under big skies and dare to risk all for those they cherish. Because love is more than a feeling—it’s the magic that changes everything.


Say Nothing by Autumn Piper
The best medicine doesn’t always come in pill form, but who knew it could be a scruffy, cranky cowboy?
After escaping from the psycho who held her prisoner for months, Brooke often suffers panic attacks when she tries to speak. When her cousin invites her to recuperate at his friends’ ranch in Colorado and help them care for their twin toddlers, she accepts.
For years since his engagement went belly-up, lead ranch-hand Rowdy has been non-relationship material. He feels a connection with Brooke, though, and she’s able to confide things in him she doesn’t trust her therapist with.
When her successful ex rides back into the picture, Rowdy will have to decide: fight for Brooke, or give her the financially stable future she deserves.


Her phone vibrated on the nightstand. Weird. Here it was…the clock said after one a.m. She’d ignore it, but who would be texting her in the middle of the night except in an emergency? She kept the throw around her shoulders and picked up her phone.

Rowdy. Huh.

You OK?

She walked back to the window, looked down at his cabin, where a light shone. She texted back, Yes I’m fine but then erased the lie and sent, Are you OK? Why you up in the middle of the night?

He replied, Trouble sleeping. (me) It’ll pass in a couple days though. What about you? Nightmare?

How’d he guess? Well, she had told him she had nightmares. Yes. Flashback. Pretty much ruins a night.

I’m sorry, he texted. And then, If you wanted to tell me about it, I’m all eyes. The goofy-eyed emoji he included made her smile.

She considered. Her cold sweat had nearly dried. The worst of this episode had passed. By morning, details would fade, and she’d only be able to remember bare facts. Which was why Roberta pushed hypnosis, but Brooke kept resisting because she didn’t exactly want to be able to remember those things at all hours of the day. It would be a lot of texting, she told Rowdy.

Worried you’ll wear out your thumbs?

Throwing down a challenge. She hadn’t shared any more details than the police and prosecutor demanded, though she knew court was coming and she’d have to type replies to the attorneys’ questions if she didn’t have her speech back by then.

So she told him every detail she could recall about that day.


Born and raised in itty-bitty Rifle, Colorado, Autumn Piper studiously avoided trouble…but is now inclined toward it, particularly in her novels. She thinks the best things in life are funny, and the runners-up, romantic.

An admitted carb addict, Autumn writes, edits, referees her two college kids (who room together), a cat, a box turtle with a huge personality, one husband and many supersize houseplants, and does the cooking and cleaning when forced to.


Peyton’s Kiss by Ann Anders
No one ever promised Stella Fairchild that life would be fair. If it was, then her best friend wouldn’t be dying. A little girl wouldn’t be losing her mother. And a lonely cowboy would be ready for love. Under the blue skies of Colorado, however, fate has its own ideas. And maybe, just maybe, silver linings could be found hiding in the storm.

He didn’t laugh at her. “I never get tired of it. The open space, the sky. But it can also be dangerous if it turns on you. Don’t come up here alone, okay? Storms move in quickly. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can find yourself in trouble real fast.” He rubbed Hermes’ neck fondly. “Hell, you can get into trouble even when you do know what you’re doing.”
Stella shivered at his words and watched Corinne and Misty disappear over the rise up ahead. “Two sides to every coin.”
He wouldn’t say anything. He’d think her words over first.
And then Hermes sidled up beside her, pressing her leg into Pickles. Peyton’s hand grasped the back of her neck and… finally.
Her hat tumbled down her back at the same time Peyton’s mouth covered hers. At first it was just their lips, meeting, joining, but then the tip of his tongue coaxed her mouth open and she couldn’t help but drop her reins and take hold of Peyton’s wrists. A current of emotions swept through her as she twisted to meet him.
He slowed the kiss. “Easy girl.” He whispered against her lips. Stella felt Peyton set the reins back into her hands before Hermes stepped away.

Married to the same man for over 25 years, I am a mother to three children and two Miniature Wiener dogs After owning a business and experiencing considerable success, my husband and I got caught in the financial crisis and lost everything; our business, our home, even our car.
At this point, I put my B.A. in Poly Sci to use and took work as a waitress and bartender. Unwilling to give up on a professional life, I simultaneously went back to college and obtained a degree in Energy Management. And then the energy market dropped off. And then my dog died. I can only be grateful for this series of unfortunate events, for, with nothing to lose and completely demoralized, I sat down and began to write the romance novels which had until then, existed only my imagination. I am happy to have found my place in life. Finally.

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Midnight Ride by D’Ann Lindun
Can they escape peril and fall in love?
When Brynn Lockwood and her five-year-old daughter Brooke decide to camp in the Colorado Mountains the last thing they expect is to be taken hostage by a gunman. After suffering a devastating shooting, Sawyer Bennet moves to Black Mountain, Colorado, to recover. As a Sheriff’s Posse member, he is called out to find a dangerous criminal, but loses his heart instead.


“Damn it, I left my hat out there.”

“That can be replaced. You can’t,” Brynn said.

The warmth in her eyes and tone caused him to pause. “Thanks.”

“It’s true,” she insisted. “Now, how do we get out of here?”

He held his hands over the fire. “How’s Brooke?”

“Pretty sick for her to sleep through gunfire. I’m worried.” Fear flashed in her eyes, and without thinking, he stepped close and took her in his arms. She fit exactly right. Almost as tall as his own six feet, soft breasts crushed against his chest, long legs he could imagine tangled with his…

“Don’t,” he said, shaking off the sexy image. “She’ll be okay.”

“She has to be.” A shudder ran through her and he ached to make all this go away. For half a cent, he’d go out and put himself back in the line of fire if it would get Brynn and Brooke out of here alive.

“I think we need to make a run for it,” he said finally. “Maybe under the cover of darkness….”

“The trail between here and my camp isn’t dangerous, as long as you don’t make a wrong turn like I did,” she said slowly. “If we did that in the dark, it could be fatal.”

“The trail from here to Durango is pretty straight, but it’s across a long, open stretch. Out in the open for a good part of it.”

“It’s taking a big risk,” she said. “Taking a midnight ride.”

“Yes.” He wouldn’t sugarcoat it. “But so is staying here.”


Falling in love with romance novels the summer before sixth grade, D’Ann Lindun never thought about writing one until many years later when she took a how-to class at her local college. She was hooked! She began writing and never looked back. Forty-eight manuscripts and numerous awards later, she is an Amazon bestseller! Romance appeals to D’Ann because there’s just something so satisfying about writing a book guaranteed to have a happy ending. Her particular favorites usually feature cowboys and the women who love them.

D’Ann loves to hear from readers! Please contact her at:


Street team—D’Ann’s Country Girls


Author Ditter Kellen Spotlight and Facebook LIVE Interview

71VPN81jglL._UX250_Ditter Kellen is the bestselling author of the Enigma Series. To say she’s addicted to reading is an understatement. Her eBook reader is an extension of her and holds many of her fantasies and secrets. It’s filled with dragons, shifters, vampires, ghosts and many more jaw-dropping characters who keep her entertained on a daily basis.

Ditter’s love of paranormal and outrageous imagination have conspired together to bring her where she is today…sitting in front of her computer allowing them free rein. Writing is her passion, what she was born to do. I hope you will enjoy reading her stories as much as she loves spinning them.

Ditter resides in Florida with her husband and many unique farm animals. She adores French fries and her phone is permanently attached to her ear.


Watch this interview from yesterday! Ditter answered a lot of questions about her books and works in progress as well as her author career and her passion for writing. I really enjoyed it and it made me want to get ALL of her books!

Also, look at those gorgeous covers! Don’t they make you want to just dig in into those stories?


Ditter’s latest series, Enigma, was praised by reviewers and reached the top rankings on its category, being one of the best Romance books lately and offering a rich story that not only focus on the main couple but also provides an entertaining read about adventures, paranormal situations and the HEA that we all seek when reading Romance books!



Doctor Abbigail Sutherland is used to being alone. Between twelve hour shifts at the hospital and looking after her eccentric father, she has very little time for much else. Until an unexpected call one night, sends her racing to the lab where she discovers a secret that could change the world forever.

Hauke awakens after an underwater explosion, strapped to a bed and on his way to a site known as Area 51. His only hope for survival lies in Abbie Sutherland, the beautiful doctor that saved his life. Amidst a deadly virus, seemingly impossible to stop, and a corrupt Government placing a price on their heads, Hauke and Abbie run for their lives, uncovering conspiracies, deceptions, and a love that won’t be denied…

Recommend reading the books in order. This is not a serial, and it does have a happy ever after, but the story moves forward with a new hero and heroine in the next book.




Author Spotlight: Stephen Morris

6574307Stephen has degrees in medieval history and theology from Yale and St. Vladmir’s Orthodox Theological Academy. A former priest, he served as the Eastern Orthodox chaplain at Columbia University. His previous academic writing has dealt primarily with Late Antiquity and Byzantine church life.

He is also the Chair of the CORE Executive of and organizes annual conferences on aspects of the supernatural, evil and wickedness, and related subjects. It was an project that took him to Prague for the first time in 2001 and he immediately fell in love with the city! He has been back many, MANY times!

Stephen, a Seattle native, is now a long-time New York resident and currently lives in Manhattan with his partner, Elliot.


Wellspring (Come Hell or High Water #1)

15762042“Come Hell or High Water,” a terrifying historical-urban fantasy trilogy from first-time author Stephen Morris, erupts in 1356 as a witch’s curse rings out over Prague’s Old Town Square. As the old crone is bound to a stake and consumed by flames, her vengeful words set in motion a series of dark events that unfold across the centuries, culminating in the historic flood of August 2002 that threatens to destroy the city.

The novels alternate chapters set in medieval Prague and contemporary Prague (summer 2002). The chapters set in 1356-1357 incorporate a number of local Prague folktales and legends. These 1356 events alert Nadezhda that something very wrong indeed is afoot in Prague. Together with an elderly rabbi from Prague’s famous Jewish quarter, she sets out to avert the impending disaster.

In the summer of 2002, two academics attending a conference at the university – a Jesuit priest and a beautiful Irish professor (who is also a voracious Irish vampire-like creature known as the Dearg-due) – develop their own nefarious agendas. To access the enormous potential power to which the dead witch holds the key, they dupe a secretary into helping destroy the city by unravelling the protective magic built into the Charles Bridge itself that has defended the city since its construction. A small group of academics at that same university conference discover the threat and are forced by circumstances to practice the folk magic they have previously merely researched. They battle the Jesuit, the Dearg-due, the unwitting secretary and the forces of evil that threaten to destroy the city. The academics realize that once free, these forces will unleash a dark power that could undermine all of western civilization. The final confrontation occurs as the historic flood of Prague in 2002 is conjured to destroy the magical Charles Bridge which has protected the city for centuries.

Readers of David Devereux and Jim Butcher will respond to the authentic magical practices and the detective work in both aspects of the story as Nedezhda and the academics each sleuth for the source of the evil they see working itself out in the life of the city and their search for the magical practice(s) that will be able to avert the coming disaster. Readers of Mike Carrey’s Felix Castor books will appreciate the interaction of the living and the dead throughout the story while readers of Kate Griffen’s Matthew Swift series will enjoy the intimate association of the magic with specific moments and monuments of Prague’s history and culture. Fans of Robert Langdon’s adventures will appreciate the authentic history that is woven into the story.



I loved this! When someone really knows their subject it shows and this guy knows Prague, its history and mythology, inside out. Anyone who has been there will recognise the places he describes and be fascinated by the stories attached to them. The blend of the modern and the medieval worked really well and it reminded me of Peter Ackroyd’s Hawksmoor. Clearly, Morris has a fascination with the occult and his understanding of it, and of its place in medieval history, goes far beyond that found in most popular novels on the subject. I found the plot really interesting and can’t wait for the next in the trilogy. Above all, it is a great book to take to Prague itself. You’ll learn far more about what was going on under the surface of the old city than you will from any guidebook. Umberto3

One of the things that fascinates me about this book is the author’s ability to juxtapose the ancient with the modern without a sense of competition or compromise or confusion. I loved the honest portrayal of each of the characters and the sense I was able to build up that I ‘knew’ them and that relationship maintained my interest and curiosity – I was hooked right from the beginning! It is Morris’ ability to build and nurture relationships which makes this novel special – do yourself a favour and meet some fascinating characters and an intriguing and captivating city all whilst being exceptionally Michele Huppert


Author Spotlight: Valeria Wenderoth

10801917Valeria Wenderoth was born in Italy on a fresh summer evening. She was raised bilingual (Italian and French) and lived in Rome until she moved to Hawaii, then Colorado, and lately to Florida. She holds a PhD in Music History and has been a professor at the University of Hawaii for many years. She presently develops and teaches graduate and undergraduate online courses.

Besides working in Academia, Ms. Wenderoth is a passionate mystery reader and writer, and a technology enthusiast. She is the Founder and Principal of Book Trailer Sync, a company that creates, produces and distributes book trailers for published authors.

BAD BY THE NUMBERS is the first of her Lieutenant Sorensen series.

23840402“BAD BY THE NUMBERS is a meticulously crafted police procedural, with plenty of mystery, tense action and a solid romance to sweeten the mix.” (Award-winning author of the Cilla Stephenson mysteries, T. H. Pine).

While jogging, explosives expert Nick Harris finds a driver’s license at Denver City Park. He grabs it, forgets about it and, never dreaming of the sinister consequences that will haunt him, he flies to Paris for a conference.

A shooting at Brighton University, Colorado, results in two victims, both professors. The alleged killer, another BU professor, is caught onsite and taken to jail. The case appears to be straightforward, but Brighton Police Lieutenant, Mark Sorensen, senses that something is missing from the picture.

After a day goes by, the corpse of a third professor is found in the Denver City Park’s lake. Is he the missing piece of the puzzle?

As Sorensen navigates through the university’s political labyrinth to solve the multiple-murder case, Nick’s name comes up as a possible suspect. The accusation prompts Nick to embark on his own quest in Paris with the aid of a mysterious, witty woman and of an eager Parisian journalist.

A fast-paced, page-turner mystery, BAD BY THE NUMBERS will make you guess to the end.

5641466_origABOUT THE(2)

Or so Sorensen’s chief thinks. The problem for Sorensen is figuring out just who the murderer is this time. With two bodies, the smoking gun, and the shooter (we know, because her fingerprints are on the gun), it looks like a wrap, until the third body, then the fourth, then…heck, who’s counting anymore. Not one to jump to conclusions, Sorensen accepts help when he needs it and serendipitous ends up with an international team of experts brought together by fate and the book cover on a children’s story. A rollicking tale split between Metro Denver and Paris that has all the elements for a thriller, but as Sorensen notes early in the morning after a sleepless night, without the zombies. Worst of all, none of it makes sense, until the good guys—at least, that’s how Selma classifies herself and her array of exes (one with a car) and others who are just friends—step up to help Nick prove he’s not the one Sorensen is looking for. Explosives, the Internet, Guy Fawkes, and transportation strikes in Paris all come together to keep the various players on their toes, or at least in the case of the extra chair in Sorensen’s office not comfortable when they do sit down. “Bad by the Numbers: A Lieutenant Sorensen novel” is a promising beginning to a new series by Valeria SK Holmesley

When a college professor’s student goes missing, at the same time an unidentified body dies in a suspicious fire, the professor gets drawn into solving the mystery. Is it related to research her student was doing? The motive is unique and the story moves quickly. I like how the author weaves in the relationship issues between the professor and her husband along the Diane Weiner


Author Spotlight: Jolie Pethtel

5244232Jolie Pethtel, an avid reader and writer, has always loved a good plot twist. In fact, when watching movies with her family she typically spoils the ending before the big reveal with her guesses, but nothing thrills her more than being wrong—except maybe hearing that a reader never saw the twists and turns coming in one of her own books.

She has two published novels from her Jezebel Jinx Mystery series; Painted Jezebel and Poison Pens. On Wings of Darkness is her first paranormal romance.


On Wings of Darkness

24798017What would happen if you were meant to die, but someone intervened?

Your very existence would disrupt the natural balance, effecting everyone you touch for the remainder of your unnatural life.

What if you met your soul mate? A man who was meant for you alone, but at the same time not because you should no longer exist?

This is what happens to Adara James when she crosses paths with Journey Montgomery, a man unknowingly shadowed by darkness.

This is no chance meeting between two human strangers, but a collision of souls whose continued proximity to one another has the potential to tear apart the world.

5641466_origABOUT THE(2)

I was captured by the first few chapters and loved the plot. I really loved this book it kept me guessing right up to the last page. I love the stories about fallen angels and this one was different and unique. This fallen angel was evil and selfish and determined to win the heart of the man she was in love with. The plot get very interesting and I think this was an awesome read. Thanks again for letting me read and -A-

I really enjoyed this book. The story and plot as well the characters well written. Adara and Adele was opposite from each other which is different with them being twins. Adara grow being stronger after what happen when she was child. but she still was quite but still sassy her sister on the other hand was out there and had mouth on her. liked Elysian and Journey. Journey was funny and caring. Elysian was strange guy. Love the happy ever ending. love read more of your work in the future Jolie. thank youby Theresa F


Author Spotlight: S.A. Bergen

1661148S.A. Bergen was born in Canada where she still lives with her husband of over 30 years, Gord. They have one grown son, Aaron, who serves in the Canadian military. Having something to do with books is nothing new to S.A.

She has created the artwork for several book covers over the years, including the popular Zippered Flesh 1 and 2 Anthology series published by Smart Rhino Publications.

She is currently working on the cover art for Zippered Flesh 3 to be released in 2015. She is a founding member Groundfrost Illustration &Design (2004) along with fellow artist Antti Isosomppi. She functions as an artist as well as the administrator. The two artists together created the artwork for the graphic comic Lobster Girl, written by J. Morvay, which went on to become the best-selling independent comic of 2008. In recent years they added another artist to their fold, Matt Shealy. Together they have created artwork for clients such as The Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West, John London, The Killers, God Forbid and Fragments of Unbecoming, to name but a few.

Siren’s Song is S.A’s first publication but it will certainly not be her last. She has now started working on book 1 of a planned trilogy with her writing partner J.M. They are also considering giving Luci his own book pre Siren’s Song. As mentioned, Siren’s Song is the first publication for the pair, but there are more books planned.

Siren’s Song

23044108Flex Sefiroth is an angel. A fallen angel to be specific. Extremely tall and intelligent and always in control. Flex suddenly finds himself in uncharted waters when he hears the most beautiful voice while in Paris France for some much needed R and R.

Obsessed with finding its source he searches desperately until the sound leads him to a small old fashioned bookshop where he finds the most enchanting redhead, Evette la Fontaine.

She is the most exquisite thing he has ever seen in all his countless centuries of existence. But he soon discovers that over a century and a half of her being shunned by every male she ever encountered, both human and immortal alike, have taken its toll on the lovely Evette.

Flex must have her and pulls out all stops to woo her.

But will the timid little bookworm succumb to his charms?

Could another’s need for redemption destroy what could be?

5641466_origABOUT THE(2)

Well written, detail orientated, and smoldering are the first words that came to mind when I sat down to write the review. I absolutely love this book and I highly recommend it to everyone!! The authors made Evette and Flex come alive on the pages and I never wanted to put the book down, I also did not want the book to end. I KNOW I will be rereading this book over and over again!! I do not want to say anymore, because I do not want to risk giving away spoilers. Get your copy today and enjoy all that Evette and Flex have to offer (hot, steamy, love)!!!by Amazon customer


Picture me this – Spotlight


“One snap with the shutter of my camera, and you will be mine forever,” he whispered.

My name is Sam, short for Samantha. I’m regular, boring and plain. During my time in college, the only class I could ever relax in was photography, or at least… until I met him.

The new photography teacher changed everything. He is too sexy for his own good, and his mind too twisted for words to describe. Now, I live every aching moment thinking about him, knowing that I shouldn’t.
Together, we spiraled out of control, tumbled into the darkness, and honestly..?
I think I like it.
5641466_origABOUT THE(2)
Marina is amazing at portraying characters. I really liked the way she was able to describe both Aidan and Sam (especially Sam) through their inner monologues and thoughts. She did it in a subtle but profound way. Every problem they were facing, she was able to justify by her character’s traits, so every reaction seemed natural and normal.
She gave Sam and Aiden weaknesses that made them seem more real and by doing it, made me doubt some of their choices, but you also let me think there was a possibility of redemption. As a reader, that possibility gave me hope in their eventual HEA.
I also liked their physical relationship. Those scenes played with my head, my imagination and my nerves- they were the absolute best! They added to the depth of both of the protags ad made the lines blurred. Perfect!
As for the descriptions of the art of photography and its meaning in the lives of Sam and Aiden- I know nothing about photography- it was soooo nice to read about it! I know nothing about the author’s personal life, but her descriptions made me wonder about whether is it also one of her personal passions? She wrote about it as if she really felt deep for that kind of artistic expression and that’s what made her characters so realistic.”  by Rose Strong
“This was a first time i read from this author, will NOT be my last !!! LOVED the characters, the story line, the dark erotic/thriller, and also the secrets/taboo of the story as well… the author did an awesome job of setting up not only the story, but the characters… they are definately NOT what i expected when i first started the book… Aiden Robinson- is our “H” of the book and yes, he is HOT, Sexy, Alpha male, ‘new professor’ for the photography program on campus, has some secrets…. (hmmm??)
Then we have our ‘h’ Samantha, aka.. ‘Sam’ – she is beautiful, comes from a family that thinks she is ‘perfect'(she doesn’t want to break that illusion for them.) her parents are very successful and pay for her college.. looking on outside – Sam has it all.. beauty, body, family, all american girl.. yet she is found behind the dumpster smoking ‘pot’ by no other… ‘Aiden’ or prof Robinson… (even Aiden believes she is just a girl who is spoiled and model type wanting to be seen..) until, he asks the class for a project and Samantha shows him “her TRUE self, thru PICTURES OF HERSELF!” WHAT should scare Aiden, turns him on … they are dark, she is broken, raw, open for anyone to see she is NOT the “perfect girl” this sparks even more than what was already between the two of them and there is something that is pulling these two together….. yes, this book is sexy, HOT, yet also, dark, mysterious, and you must read to see what is the secrets they both hide and can these two broken people come together and make it work or will they destroy one another…. great book!!!” by Fite11

Marina is an avid book-reader and writer who is no stranger to fantasy in all its forms. Her favorite part of writing is coming up with smart heroines and hot hunks with a dab of personality. Intermingling them just makes it better, as well as sexier.

She just finished up her second Erotic Story “Picture Me This“; a hot new title about a photography teacher that just can’t seem to stop getting into trouble with one of his gorgeous students.

The book has very light BDSM and a sweet ending between two consensual adults who really can’t get enough of each other.