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Dream, Read, Love Books is a social media marketing company dedicated exclusively to promote romance books and authors.

With several followers along Twitter, Facebook, G+, Pinterest, Instagram, and many subscribers to my blog, I will assure the maximum exposure for your book and your author profiles during the time that the promotion is up.

All these are more than 15000 potential buyers of your book!!!

By buying a basic promotion, you will get the following:

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You will also get a SPOTLIGHT in my blog that will show at the front page during the entire day.

If you want to be featured for 3 days or a week, please check out the extended promotions, because I can continue sharing during two weeks, or even an entire month, so, please send me a message if you need that.

Keep in mind that the spotlight on my blog will be only posted once even if you hire more days, but it will be shared several times according to the amount of days that you buy.

If you want a Promotional Banner or Teaser Image on my website, just send me a message!

Extended Promotions

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Extra Fast Delivery

If you need the promotion super fast, I will start promoting the book the same day you buy my services! Otherwise, promotions will be handled in order of purchase, keep this in mind if you have free days or a countdown deal scheduled.


I can also read and review your book to give more value to the promotion, this review will be posted in my blog, Goodreads and B&N automatically. If you need me to post it somewhere else please message me first.

All my Reviews are honest and express my own opinion and feelings about the book I read. I will not rate the book with 5 stars or write a biased review, so please don’t ask 🙂

I will ask you to send me a digital copy of the book to read, keep this in mind at the moment of ordering the promotion.

Customers Opinions

Those opinions are real from authors that bought this promotions in the past and you can check them in my Fiverr profile.

book promo reviews

Are you ready to get your book exposed?

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standard silver  standard silver EF

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Have any questions?

Contact me before you order!