Referral Program

If you are anything like me, then you love to spread the word when you see something great, you want your friends to be able to enjoy the same books, or to visit the same places, and eat the same food that you loved.

So, I want to make a proposal that you can’t refuse šŸ˜‰

I created this Referral Program where you can earn points and exchange for free services on my blog. All you need to do is forward the subscription link to a friend and ask them to put your name as their referral when they sign up.

For every friend that signs up to the newsletter and puts your name as the referral you will earn 1 referral point.

Points can be exchanged for free promotion services in my page.

Here is the list of prizes.

  • 5 points – Basic Bronze Promotion
  • 10 points – Choice of
    • Basic Silver Promotion
    • Standard Bronze Promotion
  • 15 points – Standard Silver Promotion
  • 20 points – Premium Bronze Promotion
  • 25 points – Premium Silver Promotion

Basically, every time you refer a friend, you earn $1 to spend in my store, isn’t that great?

Subscribe and share the link, and don’t forget to tell your friend to write your name as their referral!

Share the Subscription links to earn Referral Points.